Xbee WiFi in Soft AP Mode

There have a request from the customer on how to make the Xbee WiFi in AP mode. It means you can connect to Xbee WiFi directly without using a router. The previous version of Xbee WiFi (S6) is not support this feature (correct me if I’m wrong), then Digi International upgrade the module to version S6B. This version support the Soft AP mode but you need to update the firmware first. Luckily, the new version of Xbee WiFi (S6B) is available in our online store. 🙂

1. Xbee WiFi (link).
2. Xbee Starter Kit Without Module (link).
3. USB Mini Cable (link).

XCTU V6.1.0.

1. Stack Xbee WiFi to Xbee Starter Kit Without Module and connect to PC via USB Mini Cable.

Xbee WiFi Connection

2. Open XCTU V6.1.0 software. Click on “add Xbee module” icon.


3. Click on the Xbee COM port. Hit “Finish”.


4. It will takes a few seconds to verify the Xbee module.


5. If there don’t have any problem, it will display the Xbee name, function, port and MAC under Radio Modules box. Click on it.


6. It will read all the parameters stored in the Xbee module. As usual, it will takes a few seconds.


7. After successful reading, it will display all the parameters at the right side. The current firmware version is 2004. To update the firmware, click on the icon highlighted with red box below.


8. Under “Firmware Version”, choose “2021 (Newest)” version. Hit Finish.


9. It will takes a few minutes to update the firmware.


10. Radio firmware has been updated successfully.


1. Now, the Xbee parameters is updated. There have additional parameters for “Soft AP mode” under “Infrastructure Mode”.


2. Set “IP Protocol” to “TCP”.


3. Fill up “SSID”, for example “CytronXbeeWiFi”. Then click “Write” icon.


4. It will takes a few seconds to write new settings into the Xbee module.


1. In order to make sure the Soft AP mode working on the Xbee WiFi module. First, I search the WiFi with “CytronXbeeWiFi” SSID using my Android phone, and connect to it.

Android WiFi

2. I installed WiFly Remote apps to do a testing. Open the apps and fill up the IP address ( and Port (9750). Touch “CONNECT”.

WiFly Remote

3. When the arrow is touch, it will sent the data to the connected network, Xbee WiFi.

WiFly Remote 2

4. Open terminal in the XCTU software. Then, click “open serial connection” as shown in the picture below. Data receive by the Xbee WiFi will be displayed on the terminal.


5. The same method applied to the iPhone user, search the WiFi with “CytronXbeeWiFi” SSID and connect to it.

iPhone WiFi

6. Installed TOSR-WiFi apps for testing. Open the apps and fill up the IP address ( and Port (9750). Touch “Connect”.


7. This apps will continue sent data to the connected network (Xbee WiFi), touch the button to send the different data.


8. Open the terminal to see the data.


Thank you and good luck! 🙂

Xbee WiFi in Soft AP Mode video:

11 thoughts on “Xbee WiFi in Soft AP Mode”

  1. Good catch on the port number, I was scratching my head too. I tried to modify the port number and the IP address, but it would not change (I’m using the older WinXP version of XCTU) – always reverted to the defaults. Are they just static at this point?

  2. Hi, how do you get the IP address of Is it automatically assigned to the XBee or you have to set it yourself in XCTU?

    I realized that port 9750 = 0x2616. It’s written as 2616 in XCTU because it’s in hexadecimal.

  3. Hi,

    Can the xbee s6 handle multiple tcp connections? Meaning can I connect more than 1 device with xbee s6? Can the xbee s6 or s6b listen on multiple ports?


  4. Hi,

    i also tried your configs with an xbee s6b

    i can connect to the soft ap Network, but i always get a Connection timeout if i try to send data with the Smartphone app.
    i have the same Setting you showed here in your walktrough…
    maybe someone could give me some tipps to get it work.

  5. Actually, after re-writing the default values back to the Xbee a couple of times, it works with all the settings you show. Thanks.

  6. I have a similar question. I am able connect my phone to the xbee s6b, however, when I try to connect the wifly control, it has a connection error. The default port (C0, DE) settings seem to be 2616. I’ve tried 2616, 9750 but cannot get it to connect. Any ideas?

  7. Thank you for your email(report). But I was wondering what port No. 9750 means? Is it possible to change port No. 9750 to 502

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