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rero! rero! What is that?

Rero is being launched at indiegogo, a website for world to raise fund from the world J, and we are raising fund to create more interesting parts and production. Do check it out at here and please help to support (even a t-shirt or donation for school). And most importantly, help to share it in your facebook, tweeter, youtube, blog, whatsapp, viber, chaton…… anything. We need your help and thanks in advance!

What is rero? I think you should be able to get detailed information in the rero official website. I will highlight the interesting features of rero.

The name “rero” comes from ‘re’-configurable ‘ro’bot kit. As the name says, it can be configured to any form of robot that you can imagine easily, static or with action. rero consist of a main controller and actuators, not to forget the accessories.

The rero controller

Rero controller

1st, Rero controller comes with side slider for mounting G15 cube servo and accessories (U joints, wheel, etc). Allow me to put the features into point-form:

  • PIC32MX575F512L 32-bit MCU
  • Support up to 10 G15 Cube servo per port (come with 6 ports)
  • Audio playback (audio files store in microSD card)
  • 4GB microSD card
  • Touch screen LCD
  • Built in Bluetooth V2.0 module (Remote control Apps for Android is under evaluation)
  • USB 2.0 interface for program loading (intermediate and advance user)
  • Built in 6 DOF IMU for balancing, orientation and angle detection (intermediate and advance user)
  • 11.1V Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery (come with charger port on rero controller and charger)
  • Able to set ID for G15, test G15, teach mode and play mode.

A full charged battery can last for 2 hours with four to six G15 servo motor actively being used.

G15 Cube Servo

2nd most important parts of rero is G15, it is a cube servo motor acting as actuator. Robots will require movement, G15 provides movement to robot. We are robot builder, and building robot requires parts integration. We know the long hours and pain needed to joint/combine the parts, that is the reason why G15 comes into picture. G15 is designed to offer simple integration and dismantle, without using a single screw or nut.

Two G15 connected side by side

Let’s look at G15 features:

  • Operating Voltage: 6.5 – 17.8VDC
  • Rated Torque: (at 12V)
  • Speed: 63 RPM (no load at 12V)
  • Gear ratio: 194:1
  • Current: 1.5A max (at 12V)
  • Weight: 63g
  • Degree of rotation: 360 degree continuous
  • 360 degree endless electrical rotation (1088 steps)
  • Communication: Half Duplex Serial
  • Daisy chain connection, ready with wires and connectors
  • Easy slide and lock mechanism
  • 6 sided sliceable surface

OK, that is too much of technical specification J Simple words; it is powerful and simple to use actuator. We have been using it to create humanoid robot, mobile robot, robot bug, beetle, elephant, scorpion; simple or complex mechanism.


Besides the rero controller and G15, there are accessories for rero. Example, the U-joint.

U-joint on G15 Cube Servo


Foot Plate as robot foot



We are designing the gripper and sensor module (infrared, ultrasonic, sound). That is one of the reasons we need to raise fund, to build more parts.

What can you do with rero? Build robots of courseJ, by yourself. That is the fun of playing with robot.

Here are examples of robot:

Alien robot J



6 legged spider?





Kid with rero scorpion


There are plenty of robots that you can build with rero. Please visit our facebook fan page for more photos. Again please do help to support us by backing us at indiegogo, we need every single person support. If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us at

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