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The Arrival of Cytron’s Cube Servo, G15

Finally i got my hands on G15. I have been waiting for it for so long, since the time an Advertisement showing a leaked photo of G15 in the Robot.Head to Toe Magazine volume 9 June 2011. Woh, that is more than a year ago. but now, its here! I have just received these G15 from production and they only gave me 2. Only 2. I was hoping for more, but then, there is just not enough G15. Our production  is already doing their best and pushing the limits to fulfill all the pre-orders and meeting the deadline, so 2 is the best they can do. So its considered lucky for me to have it now. Lets have a first look at the G15. The cube servo comes in a bright blue and white box with a big picture of it printed on the front. You can find the specification at the back of the box.

The front view of the box.

The rear view of the box.

There is a hook at the bottom to lock the box in place, so just push the box up to uncover the G15 inside. In the box, you can see the G15 tightly packed together with 2 external joint for G15 and 1 inter conect for G15. Just can’t wait to try it out! 

Together with the G15, I have also receive 2 U joint for G15, 1 Cytron G15 Shield and 1 G15 Driver. 

With the U joint, I will be able to do more kinds of movement while the shield and driver would make it much more easier to control the G15. Here, you can see the G15 in  different position and attaching it with the joints.

You can see the G15 label and a blank space beside it. There is where you write the ID of your G15. Can you see the word “rero” just beneath the label? Guessing what that is? Its a bigger and even more exciting project involving the G15! It is currently in development, with our team of engineers still fine tuning it, making sure that you will have a wonderful experience with it.  

G15 with U joint.

Connecting 2 G15 with Cytron G15 Shield using the daisy chain connection. You can connect up to 254 together using this method.
It’s so easy to connect the joints, just slide and snap! 

Changing the joints in a jiffy! Press, slide out and slide in. There you go!  

I’m sure that all of you are eager to start using the G15. Stay tune and follow me on my next post, I will be showing you how to get started with this Cube Servo, G15

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