Breakout Solid State Relay SSR-S108T02

1.0 Introduction

The SSR-S108T02 is a breakout board of Solid State Relay S108T02. Only a small digital control signal is needed to switch on the solid state relay so that a large load current can be pass through. In this SSR-S108T02, you only need a voltage 3.3V-5V to switch on the AC load rated 125VAC. You can use the SSR-S108T02 to control a AC housing lamp, fans, solenoids, and valves.  Please note that this only work for AC load. In this tutorial, i will use SK40C with 16F877A to switch ON and OFF of the AC lamp by using SSR-S108T02.

2.0 Requirement

2.1 Hardware





Jumper Wire

Adapter 12V      Solid State Relay breakout


2.2 Software

  • MPLAB IDE Version 8, the latest can be downloaded from Microchip website. The compiler used is HI-TECH Compiler for PIC 10/12/16 MCUs version 9.82.
  • PICKit2 V2.61 , can download here.


3.0 Methodologies

1. Solder the LCD on the SK40C .

2. Connect the circuit according to the shecmatic below. RC0 of PIC16F877A is connected to the Sig pin of SSR-S108T02.


3. Program the PIC16F877A by using UIC00B programmer. The program can be downloaded under the attachment in this tutorial. When SW1 is press, the lamp will be ON and if SW2 is press, the lamp will be OFF.

4. After program, the LCD supposed to show the words as below. The PWR LED on the SSR-S108T02 should be lit ON.

5. The complete actual view is as below:

6. When SW1 is press, the AC Lamp will be ON. The Sig LED will be ON too when the Sig pins is HIGH.

7. Done.


Sample program SK40C (16F877A) control SSR-S108T02 


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