MD10C Fast Testing

When the proper connection and power supply are connected to MD10C, we can press either of these two buttons to test the MD10C by turning the DC motor in clockwise (CW) direction and counter-clockwise (CCW) direction. Therefore, in this tutorial, I will demonstrate the simple method to test the MD10C in fast way with minimum connection.

Low cost DC supply solution, 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Ion Battery (LI-3.7-1100)

3.7V 1100m Ah Li-Ion Battery (LI-3.7-1100) is a typical Lithium Ion rechargeable battery in cylindrical shape that offers 1100mAh actual capacity (although it is labelled 3000mAh by the OEM). It is a very low cost DC supply solution (low discharge rate), hence suitable in electronic projects or small mobile robots that do no require high discharge current.