Bracket for Digital Infrared Sensor

Ever think of mounting the Digital Infrared Sensor? This low cost yet great sensor is attracting many applications. From obstacle avoidance on mobile robot, to human detection, is your imagination that stop you from using this sensor.

According to the dimension drawing. The diameter of this sensor is around 1.6cm, that is quite a huge hole. The problem now is how to mount it? We keep searching and wanted to customize a bracket for it. But finally I have a low cost and ready solution. Though is not perfect match, it is still good solution for many, at least I am happy with it.


Here is the sensor without any bracket. I am sure everyone want to mount it to something 🙂


This is what you should get, I do not know what it is called. Anyway you can get it from electrical store or hardware store. This is the holder/bracket to hold AC piping in office or houses. Just to make sure you get what I mean, here is the photo of this bracket with the AC wires pipe in our office.


The cost? We do not carry this, but I get it with RM1.50 for 4 units from hardware store nearby, you might get lower price, not sure.


What is great about this bracket is it comes with a hole for you to screw 🙂 So don forget to buy some screws for mounting.


You might feel a bit loose when you put the sensor into the bracket, but fear not.


Because you can tighten it 🙂 Perfect!


There is the mounting hole. You can always dismantle it and re-adjust. Hopefully it is useful for you.


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