Current Measuring using BB-ACS756 with SK28A


BB-ACS756 is a current sensor with integrated Hall Effect. It can be used to measure current and provide precise solution for AC or DC current sensing in industrial, automotive, commercial and communications system. Normally, it is use to measure current in motor control, load detection and other applications. It is use for over current fault protection. The BB-ACS756 is come with the one set of T-connector and a 3 ways angle pin header. Let’s talk about it, the ACS756 is power up with 5V and gives out voltage to indicate the direction and current value. The initial condition (no current) the output voltage is 2.5v. When the voltage increase mean the current is flowing the one of the direct and the voltage is proportional to the current. This also applies in the other direct of the current if the voltage drop.


Let’s see how are we going to make a current measuring sensor.

Hardware required:

1. SK28A+pic18f2550


2. UIC00B


3. ICSP Universal Socket


4. BB-ACS756


Software required:

• MPLAB IDE with MCC18 v3.37.01


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How to create a current sensor using BB-ACS756 with SK28A



First of all, to create connection of the circuit is the most important part. The circuit is built as picture shown. To measure current, you could either remove the socket to connect the wire in series with your load, or using the blue color connector (terminal) on top as an extension of different wires to measure current.


The circuit I create to test the current…


The actual circuit shown by fritzing.



The sample code. You can download the sample code at the bottom side once it is uploaded.


Calculation is use to count the current (amperes) from the voltage from the ACS756 sensor.


  • If you are measuring AC current, please becareful of voltage spike as AC voltage is high. Always be caution!

-if there are still any problem with this product. you could post your problem at the forum.

Sample code:



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