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Yup, it has been a long while since I posted post regarding new products. Been busy on workshop and design work 🙂 Last new products post was in Feb,here.

So it has been more than 3 months, looking at the list, I don think I can highlight all new products, let me pull out those interesting parts. Remember, you can always goto New Products to find out the complete list.

1st in the list is chipKIT Uno32 Arduino compatible development board. If you like PIC microcontroller and need 32-bit processing power, this should be your choice :). This is worth the price because it is uses PIC32MX320F128H which run at 80MHz, comes with 128K flash memory and 16K ram data memory. The chipKIT IDE is Arduino alike IDE and compatible with most of Arduino example codes 🙂 Try it out, we also carry the higher end of chipKIT, the chipKIT MAX32. Do check it too.

We started to carry lower cost and shorter Flexible Bend Sensor. This is 2.2 inches in length which is shorter as compared to 4.5 inches version.

Another resistance changes sensor. Flexible bend sensor changes the resistance propotional to the bending angle, while this SoftPot Membrane Potentiometerchanges the resistance propotional (linear) to where is being pressed. You can use it for audio volume adjustment, position measurement, etc.

Ever think of using computer keyboard as input for your embedded system? Just imagine, computer keyboard offers at least 50 independent digital input. You can explore it with this breakout board for PS/2. Not for USB keyboard 🙂 You should still be able to get PS/2 type of keyboard. We are preparing tutorial to use it. Check it out.

Moisture sensor is low cost sensor to detect relative moisture in soil. Utilize the conductivity of transistor, it serve the purpose enough 🙂 Simply supply it with 3.3VDC to 5VDC, it will output the moisture via analog voltage. Remember, it does not provide absolute value of moisture, but relative reading. Suitable for gardening project.

Woh! 50A currect sensor? That’s super high ampere to play with!! Yup, this sensor is capable of measure current up to 50A. If you are doing project which require current measurement, you should check this sensor one. It can measure AC or DC current and the output is analog voltage at 40mV per 1A.

Next in the list is very popular and is currently out of stock, even after 3rd time of re-stock. The Digital Infrared Sensor which can sense obstacle within 30cm range. Power from 6VDC to 36VDC. NPN output where you can connect to any level of microcontroller or even PLC. Check our tutorial on using it, sample circuit and code is provided 🙂 The tutorial shows interface with SK28A and BBFuino.

Again, gas sensors 🙂 We are carrying more gas sensor including:

So check it out for more information, here.

If you like to use Li-Po battery, you will know the feeling of loving and hating it. I love Li-po battery because of high power and high voltage (single cell), plus it is re-chargeable. I hate it because it comes fix in single cell, 2 cells or 3 cells, and of course it is quite expensive. We found an great alternative, the 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Ion battery. Flexible to combine cell number to get the voltage you need. To power a project, you just need 2 cells and some even can power a microcontroller with single cell because it is around 4.2V when it is fully charge and drop to 3.0V when is nearly drain off, and that voltage is well suite the operating voltage of most microcontroller, from 2.8V to 5.5V 🙂 Nice right? We even carry the battery holder for single cell2 cells and 3 cells, also check out the charger.

Wanted to interface XBee module with PIC microcontroller and notice the logic level of Xbee is 3.3V while your PIC is being power with 5V? Direct interface might work, but you are killing the XBee module slowly. You should try this logic level shifter, it come with 4 channels bi-directional TTL level shifter. 2.8V to 5.5V without power. Check out the tutorial from Idris here where he interface with graphic LCD and PIC microcontroller.

OK, we know XBee Series 1 is super popular due to it ease of use, and Series 2 is gaining popularity too because it can support mesh network easily. At the same price as Series 1, XBee Series 2 is overtaking Series 1 🙂 Check out the tutorial to set Series 2 for point to point wireless communicatio.

SK40C is too big for your project? You want to put your microcontroller on breadboard? Check SK28A out, designed for:

  • fit breadboard nicely and easily
  • On board ready with 5V 1A voltage regulator
  • Compatible for all 28-pin 8-bit PIC microcontroller, PIC16F and PIC18F, 5V powered.
  • 7V to 15V DC input.
  • Come with ICSP pin compatible with PICkit2, PICkit3UIC00B with UIC-A.
  • All IO pin of PIC is extended out nicely.

Checkout tutorial from Yong Han which uses SK28A with PIC16F1933 for temperature measurement.

BBFuino – Breadboard Friendly Arduino. Yes, everyone love Arduino because it is great development and learning platform due to many reasons. And if you wanted to develop your project on breadboard, this is more suitable, lower cost, smaller size and breadboard friendly 🙂 Check out the tutorial here.

OK, please check the New Products list here for more fun stuff.



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