XBee Series 2 Point to Point Communication

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  1. i am not getting communication between two xbee s2c’s .i am having one doubt the specifications of one xbee s2c is XB24CZ7WIT-004-revG and another one is XB24CZ7WIT-004-revE is there any problem for that rev specification for that those are not communicating? please reply me.

  2. I am trying to connect XBee using xbee module s2. when a tried configuring the XBee using xctu software, No numbers showing in front of Serial Number high(SH) and Serial number low(SL). It would be helpful if you guys help.thanks

  3. hello,is there any possible ways to create mesh network using xbeeS2?And can you please guide me to get firmware for xbeeS2?

  4. I just want to say THANK YOU! Purchasing XBee 2, not XBee 1 for simple p2p was a real mistake esp for the novice like me. After reading this excellent documentation, I’ve succeeded to make my two XBee 2 modules to talk each other.

  5. hai, thanks for tutorial,
    do you know about configuration xbee s2 in mesh protocol, coordinator >> router >> end device???
    please help me………

  6. Jaco Pretorius


    I am using 2 x Xbee Pro S2B modules. When the setup is complete i can chat with one and the other. But if i remove one and insert it in a Arduino Mega Board with a Xbee shield to display what the other Xbee is sending it does not. What can be the problem?

    I have posted this problem on many blogs and i have received lots of views but no one could answer me! Maybe one of you can?

    Hope for a speedy replay. Thank you.

    Best regards

  7. Rafael Coronel


    I’m using a pair of Xbee Pro S2. I followed the tutorial. Congrats for it by the way.

    All sounds fine with modules, except for the fact that coordinator can’t send messages. It sends (blue) and immediately receives back (red) whatever I type. No message is received by router also. Isn’t that supposed to work? In the other hand, when coordinator receives all messages from router.

    Any hint?


    Rafael C.

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  9. Hello,
    Since I am novice in embedded sofware development,I m asking for your help .
    i am working on domotic project.I try to design an encapsulation for [the industrial protocol M-bus(based on RS485 half duplex)]in [ the point to point serial link RS232/UART(full duplex) ](in order to send the data afterward over an xbee) .
    Honnestly,i’s been three days since i was searching on the net for a way to get that done but right now i’m wondering if that is even possible to design .

  10. Mike MCNaughton

    Thanks for the great piece. I followed your instructions exactly and got my project moving after banging my head against the wall for 2 full days.

  11. I use xbee series s2 and serial adapter board and when press test and query button it can not communicate with modem? why? plz help iam in acritical stage

  12. The range test in datasheet is being test under line of sight and in a chamber where no other RF source, example WiFi, Bluetooth, Microwave, etc. All these RF sources will greatly interfere with the XBee series 1 or 2 because they are all using 2.4GHz.

  13. hello,
    i have a problem with my xbee series 2 2mW.
    my problem is my xbee range work only 2 to 3 meter max But my problem is not about the obstructions between the two antennas, because i already try my xbee range outdoor, still the range work only in 3-4 meter, increasing 1 meter only from indoor trial.
    but from the datasheet xbee can work in 40 meter indoor, and 120 meter outdoor. and i havent get the solution yet
    so i hope you can answer my problem sir.
    my spesification is, i use 2 laptops, with xbee-usb adapter v.2 in each laptops, and x-ctu software.
    please reply this as soon as you can.

  14. Excellent explanation, thank you.
    I’d like to add something: for some reason if you set the PAN ID to 2345 (as I did first), the pairing does not work. I set it to 1111 and it worked (and I guess 1234 also work). I could not find any other difference in the configuration. 2345 just don’t work. I don’t know the reason, but I hope this may prevent some hair pulling..

  15. I configure Xbee series 2 module as Router AT with (BR-9600;None-parity) and after that that module is not communicating with X-CTU, And even after hardware reset. How to slove this issue??

  16. hi.. thank for the tutorial

    wanna ask when i type ATVR why the xbee not reply anything?? but the word still display on another xbee.. is it ok?

  17. Hi, excellent article on setting up two series 2 xbees in AT mode (one coordinator and one router) Your the only one I think that mentions you have to reprogram the coordinator destination address to that of the router. I have followed you instruction and they work great.

    My question is can three series 2 xbees be setup in AT mode ? (one coordinator and two routers or maybe one coordinator, one router, and one end pt), I would like to do point to multipoint communications.

    If yes what are the steps to setup the addresses?


  18. how to communicate between xbee S2 and microcontroller without using any software???,
    (I just want to use my xbee s2,hyperterminal and controller)
    pls reply me asap…

  19. my xbee s2 is detected while test/query, it gives me all details, serial number, comport and firmware version 22A0, however, when i go to modem config, the modem is [UNKNOWN] and when i select to read, it prompts to search for firmware online. I havent been able to set up my xbee s2. Please help

  20. In API mode, you can configure it to have acknowledge, in transparent mode, there is no ack. However, that is series 1, I am not sure about series 2.

  21. MOK, sorry, I am yet to study that part. My guess would be the nature of router, it is to let the host know that the message does not reach Coordinator. Yet, that is just my guess

  22. Clear, concise and accurate description of how to link up two modules. Well explained and laid out. Well done!

    A paragraph on why a router and coordinator are needed would have made it perfect but not really necessary.

  23. hi can i know if the xbee support aknowledgments or not, am setting up a network and the error rate is not good

  24. When the Router cannot send a message to the Coordinator, it did not receive. Instead the router receive the message it self. What can be wrong?


  25. Wow! Thank you for a straight-forward explanation of how to configure two XBee Series 2 modules for point-to-point communication. Of the dozen different explanations for configuring XBees that I have read today, yours is the only one that makes sense (your obvious status as an English-as-a-second-language speaker notwithstanding) and yielded results. Keep up the great work!

  26. hi
    i have a problem with my bee pro moudule.
    it dosent respond ATNI command!!!!! whaat can i do?!!!
    may it is in sleep mode?!!
    also the Read buttom in “tab configuration” dosnt read my xbee properly!!!
    how can i upgraid my XCTU software?

  27. hi, please i need a module that works on the zigbee protocol. for transmission and reception of signals.

  28. This error does not seem to be from the XBee module, it might be your X-CTU is not installed correctly or the COM port is not installed properly.

  29. I’m getting an error while writing the for coordinator at. I’m unable to see the SH, SL address in the coordinator window, though I could read the values when I read in router window.
    the error i’m getting is

    Could not open output file.
    System error: Access is denied.

  30. bhugun belal

    Dear Sir,

    i have actually bought two xbee S1 modules, i have well downloaded the latest firmware but i cant see neither coordinator not router in function set?

    can you please tell me whats wrong?

    kind regards,


  31. hey, i was wondering, can you do a tutorial on series 1 also ? i’m having problem in setting the values for both modules.

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