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Authorized Arduino Distributor :)

Arduino is a popular computing platform. OK, basically is a very popular microcontroller board with easy to use IDE, with thousands of sample source code, with hundreds of shields (card) for you to choose and thousands of sample projects for you to refer and modify!

Cytron Technologies is now the authorized distributor of Arduino main boards. We keep stock of a few Arduino main board from Italy – the official arduino team and manufacturer. Currently we are carrying the Arduino UNO Revision 3 (Arduino UNO R3) and Arduino Mega 2560, both these Arduino main boards are directly imported from Arduino.cc, Italy.

Arduino UNO R3, top view

Arduino UNO R3, bottom view

Arduino Mega 2560

Since Arduino is open source platform, many have join in the community to create more main boards and shields. How to identify whether a main board is official board from Italy or from 3rd party? Easy, all the official arduino board will have the marker “Made in Italy” on the left top corner. OK, at least that applied to Arduino Duemilanove and UNO R2 🙂 UNO R3 has occupied that corner with Reset button.


Besides that “Made in Italy” marker, you can look at the bottom of PCB too. Again, you will have many wording and it include “Made In Italy” with the Italy country shape, the famous boot. Also with the CE, FCC and ROHS compliant marker. And official Arduino board are in Blue color.


How about 3rd party main boards? We do carry one 3rd party main board, the Arduino Duemilanove, most of the time, it will be labeled as “Compatible”, in other words is “Clone” 🙂 You might get many different PCB color from compatible boards. It is the same as the official Arduino Duemilanove board, just is not manufacturer in Italy, is build else where.

So for those arduino fan, please visit the above link and if you need other main boards and shields, do feedback to us in our front page, www.cytron.com.my, to feedback box at your left sidebar. Meanwhile you can get started by visit our tutorial page which have 15 projects, Arduino tutorials. So have fun with it !



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