New Products Update Dec2011

Is end of year 2011, completed the Crazy sales, PIC MCU Workshop – module Advance; also Arduino Mini Workshop with great response. Thanks again for attending and sharing your passion. Let’s take a look on the new products, we have quite a number of new products.

The WIZnet Serial to Ethernet Gateway, allow your microcontroller or computer to access Ethernet via LAN cable using RS232 protocol. The onboard WIZnet W5100 chip support TCP, UDP, IPv4 ARP, IGMP, Ethernet and more. Support password for security access from LAN. More info, please click here.

If you are Arduino fans and have Arduino main board and like your project to connect to Internet, the Ethernet Shield V2.0 might be a good choice and the hardware interface would be just stacking it to Arduino main board. The V2.0 is compatible with Arduino Mega 1280 and 2560 and yet with lower price. It allows Arduino to create connection to Internet and also access to micro SD card. It also comes with WIZnet W5100 and uses SPI pin (10, 11, 12 and 13) on Arduino to communicate.

Opps…. Your Arduino board cannot load program, might be the bootloader on ATmega328 is corrupted. Or you just bought a fresh new ATmega328 which does not come with Arduino bootloader. You can use this AVR USBASP programmer to load the bootloader, we have tutorial to show you step by step method to do it 

Wanted more computing power besides 8-bit and 16-bit MCU? You can try the SKPIC32, starter kit for PIC32. Ready with USB mini socket and USB bootloader, Reset button and a programmable button. Offer two programmable LEDs. Pre-solder with PIC32MX795F512L which offer giant computing power of 1.56 DMIPS/MHz and it can run up to 80MHz.  512KB program memory, 128KB of Data Memory, 4 channels of SPI, 5 channels of I2CUSB 2.0 OTG, Ethernet, CAN, 16 channels of ADCUART etc. Really want to try? Look at the getting started tutorial 

This is new aluminum robot chassis which comes with SPG10-150K (2 pcs), Mini Wheel WL-POL-4610 (2 pcs) and some accessories. It fit MC40A, Mini Mobile Robot ControllerArduino UnoArduino DuemilanoveSK40CSK18B and SKds40A. There are screw holes that also fit sensor which include LSS05, Auto-Calibrating Line SensorSharp Analog Distance Sensor (with bracket), Ultrasonic Range Finder(with bracket), Medium Range Infrared Sensor (IR01A) and theOmron limit switch. Besides, you can also integrate with MD10C, 10A Motor Driver. Please look at the tutorial from one of our Internship, 1 Day Building Robot.

This huge 2-way screw terminal offer high ampere connection, allowing user to screw or un-screw a terminal, flexible compared to soldered wires. Rated current is 30A, still it will get warm around 20A to 25A. Comes with clear brown/yellow cover.

As we know, Li-Po battery is very compact and high capacity battery, the discharge rate can go up to 80 or 100A, a good connector is necessary to ensure no disconnection happen during usage. XT60 connector is another alternative connection for this super power battery. Rated to sustain 65A continuous, made by high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, polarized. You should really use it if you are in battle robot or combat robot.

Not a standard electronic part, but is useful. AC Universal Adapter. It does not convert AV voltage or offer fuse protection. Yet, I am sure you need it as many often we get some weird power plug such as 2 round terminal, 2 flat terminal and many more. This is suitable for you hair dryer, Ipod charger, laptop charger, soldering station and soldering gun.

 Multimeter is a must for electronics project, beginner or expert. You may take a look at this new Atten ATW83L digital mutlimeter. Ready with 3.5 digits LCD (backlight), DC voltage, AC voltage, Resistance, Reading hold function, Continuity test, and the 9V battery is included. Check it out.

Some might have grab this during Crazy sales, yet the new Arduino Protoshield come with minor improvement. The Reset button and power LED is added :)The connector is stackable, super nice!

Want some fancy LCD display with different color? Try this Blue backlight and White Character LCD. Pin out and features are same as standard 2×16 parallel LCD.

Last month we wrote an article about Hacking ATX Power Supply, it is not actually hacking, it should be utilizing 🙂 as we did not make any major modification to the ATX power supply. By using this Breakout Board for ATX, you can utilize the desktop computer ATX power supply for your project. It comes with indicator LEDs and activation switch.

Want to do project with USB? You can try this breakout board for USB-A type. Come ready with USB A type plug and pins are extended out to standard 0.1” pad.

OK, what is this? SK40C with 2×8 LCD? What is so special? Nothing, just we think some might wanted to mount the tiny and compact 2×8 parallel LCD to your project. You can do so as the pin are standard 0.1” , but it is not compatible with 2×16 parallel LCD pad as 2×16 is single line interface but 2×8 LCD is 2 rows. The Breakout Board Parallel LCD allow you to do that within minutes >-<

Added on 25Dec11


We actually carry a few type of jumper wires. The male to male jumper wire, also the female to female jumper wire. I did write about using the female to male jumper wires at: Express Wiring – Less than 30 seconds. Now, we carry another type of jumper wires, the female to male jumper wires, come in 10 pcs with the length of 20cm each. Save your time making jumper wires.


OK, I think that is a lot of end of year product update 🙂 You can always visit the New Products Link to get latest product update. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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