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  1. TAnx for fast reply, I’m using same 20MHz, I’m doing it with olimex board using pic16f877a and I have checked all my setting and the burd rate, but still not pacing the test comm, it just dies in there , any suggestion please? I really like to run this cheers

  2. hi i have tried to reach you in technical fourm but i wasnt succes, any way can you please tell me what is the size of your crystal on sk40 you using, because as other guy i only get to point of test com and nothing is happening, i think you forgot to mention what crystal we have to use because this is very important to connect to gsm. tanx

  3. Hi,

    May i know how long the circuit will testing the communication with the GSM? This is because i wait almost an hour but never shown ready. Please guide.

  4. Hi,

    Just checking with you, is it possible if i replace the RS232 SIM900 with GSM TC35? if possible, how would be the connection of the circuit?

  5. hello, can i use sony ericson mobile phone instead of the gsm modem?will the code still be the same?im working on a car security alarm system using pic16f877 and sony ericson t29i..im a newbie in this so please help me,
    i would also like to ask for the schematics and the source code for this..thanks a lot

  6. Charles:

    I’m afraid that you can’t store any setting permanently. Everything will be reset to default value after you power off the GSM modem. Thus you need to reinitialize it every time you turn it on.

  7. I tried to change the default baud rate but the modem reset back to original setting after power off, may i know is there any AT instruction i missed out in order to change the “default baud rate” ?

    i am using AT+IPR=, i.e. AT+IPR=2400

  8. who can give me the coding
    my project automatic db
    when elcb trip, gsm will send the message to my phone
    i use max232,pic16f877a,gsm,no lcd
    please thank

  9. HyperTerminal is terminal software which come with Windows, but Win 7 does not have it. You can use any Terminal software you prefer, example: X-CTU, Arduino serial monitor, RealTerm, PuTTy.

  10. hi i try to make this project but there is no response the lcd shows testing com… message only iam using GSM-2303R(INDUSTRIAL GSM MODEM) and i made the circute as in the pic above can u help me

  11. Please do discuss in our technical forum where you can share your hardware setup and code. We seldom check the comment space in tutorial site, sorry.

  12. You might need to check the setting? Please do discuss in our technical forum as we seldom check the comment space in tutorial, sorry.

  13. why does the modem did not reply “OK”?is there something wrong with the code?or is it because of my modem?

  14. First i think it would be go to use serial communication to tag the signal to see what is transmitted and received in the GSM modem. We could also directly control it using the serial port.

  15. I also have try using the same code and the same configuration.. but my gsm modem is not responding also. my phone not receiving any message. can help me with this? thx

  16. I’ve made this project using the coding and circuit provided but didnt have the same result. The GSM is not responding. It dont even get the “Error…” string. Its just say Testing Com… Can u help me?

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