Yes, it was a crazy night and day! Thank you so much and I just realize 23rd was a day before Thanks Giving 🙂

Cytron Thank You

We really appreciate your craziness to stay late until midnight on 22nd and keep ordering your list of item. We hope this crazy sales serve most of our customer and we are currently packing your orders, so please be patient 🙂 We will actually send you an email and SMS with your parcel tracking number and related courier service company. You can further track your parcel from their website.


As you can see, we actually pack ~ hundred of order per day. The packing start on the morning of 23rd Nov, right after we received the 1st order, really! I am sure many have received their order by now. Yet, there are still hundreds of order, small and big, heavy and light, we are working hard packing for you. As we stated in the bottom of Crazy Sales Poster, the order during this 24 hours will take 1 to 2 weeks to deliver.

Crazy Sales 2011 Highlight

Here are some of the product photos during the preparation for Crazy Sales.

LCDThe 2×16 and 2×8 Parallel LCD


ArduinoArduino Uno and Arduino Mega, both imported original from Italy

MultimeterThe famous and useful Sanwa CD800 Digital Multi-Meter

6 in 1

If you like to play with solar and robotics, this should be good, 6 in 1 Robotikits


Some are photos from our product floor.

DSCF4870The SKXBee socket


The USB to UART Converter, UC00A

OK, I think that’s all for now….. so please continue your normal life without going crazy 🙂 Again, thanks!


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