Required to send data in wireless and a long distance? Why not try to use XBee for long distance communication. For this project, we are going to interface LM35 temperature sensor and LED to the PC/Laptop by using XBee with 2 way communication.


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  2. hi,

    i need visual basic 2010 express code to control xbee io pins.

    i have two xbees one connected via usb cable to my computer and the other one is supply via a 3.3V battry and has an led connected through the pin 20.

    i need a code that sends data to switch the led on and off

    i tried this code but its not working.

    SerialPort1.Write (“20, 4”) ‘ suppose to switch on the led
    SerialPort1.Write (“20, 5”) ‘ suppose to switch off the led

    if the code i wrote is good then maybe its the config of the xbee which is wrong.

    what shoud the D0 (pin 20 ) be ; high, low, enable….?

    thanks for helping me out

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