Getting Started with Bluetooth BEE

The Bluetooth Bee (BTBEE) is an easy to use Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) module compatible with existing XBEE sockets, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. Using UART interface, BTBEE only can be use as a slave and communicate with host like computer, bluetooth handphone, SKKCA and other bluetooth devices. Bare in mind that communication between 2 BTBEE is not working. Bluetooth BEE is compatible with XBEE starter kit board (SKXBEE-BOARD) and UC00B, so you may use them for BTBEE communication.

24 thoughts on “Getting Started with Bluetooth BEE”

  1. I cant see the sample program in attachment,every-time i press it bring me back to cytron homepage

  2. For the time being, we are using a Bluetooth host (computer, smart phone) to create connection and further to communicate data. We have yet to try using two BlueBee.

  3. Yes, we have been using Adroind phone for Bluetooth communication with BlueBee. But it only support SPP(Serial Port Profile). You can transfer data using UART (like a COM port on computer). But to transfer file, there are much more work to do if you plan to use SPP only. So I would not recommend it.

  4. hi,i want to know it is possible, if i want to transfer data from one microcontroller to another microcontroller using bluebee ?

  5. Hi, can I use bluebee to setup a piconet network? For example one master and two slave communication. The master will be the PC and the two slave will be the microcontroller. Thanks.

  6. hi..

    have you ever implement android to bluetooth bee communication? if yes wnat to ask one question..

    is it possible to send a file or image from android phone to bluetooth bee without using any android application?. i mean sending a file(for example jpeg,pdf,mp3 etc) like one android phone to other android phone but not using any application.

  7. Is it possible to use EXTERNAL ANTENNA for either xbee or Bluetooth bee to communicate to either computer or phone?

  8. Nop, once you power it up, it can be discover. But because the pin and 3.3V, SKXBee provide easy to start platform.

  9. Hi, I plan to use smartphone (Android App) to communicate with Arduino Mega 2560-R3 (Cytron BlueBee). Is it possible to establish the Bluetooth communication?! How to make pairing and configure smartphone’s Bluetooth baudrate?!


  10. I am using Bluetooth BEE, Can I communicate between the PC and the MIcrocontroller only using bluetooth BEE(i.e without using SKXBEE). if yes how? I am unable to find this bluetooth device through any Mobile Phone. Can i send data from my mobile and receive it on the microcontroller using Bluethooth BEE?

  11. hi may i know what is the bluetooth module version for this? it is 1.1 or 2.1?? do u have any bluetooth module that is buetooth version 1.1? i need a bluetooth module version 1.1.

  12. I have successful follow this tutorial and create communication between laptop and bluetooth module using Bluesoleil software. But when I tried to do pairing between my phone and this bluetooth module, the LINK LED is not turning ON, is it I need a software like Bluesoleil in my phone too? My phone is Nokia E72.

  13. Hi

    Would like to know weather Bluetooth bee is able to transmit data to a laptop’s Bluetooth?

  14. I’ve never do that but the answer should be yes. Try search for the related commands for your bluetooth module. Normally the module need to inquire for devices nearby, select the desired device and the phone side will need to key in the password of your module.

  15. hye admin, i have a project where i need to communicate between phone and microcontroller. so bluetooth as the communication medium. As usual when we connect the phone bluetooth, we need to do pairing. my question is, does we need to pair between phone and the bluetooth module. if yes, how?

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