GUI Controlled Flexibot by Using SKXBee

This project main purpose is using GUI (Graphical User Interface) panel to control the moving direction and rotating direction by wireless communication.  For this project, we need two SKXBee Pro, USB cable, PR19 Flexibot, 12V LIPO Batterry or 12VDc adapter and computer. In fact, this project is used computer (GUI) to interface with SKXBEE 1 (wireless communicate send command to SKXBee 2) for control the Flexibot action. So, we have to plug in the USB cable from SKXBee 1 to computer USB port such as figure below:

NOTE: The GUI panel is not able to setting the ID address for SKXBee Pro 1 and SKXBee Pro 2. Before using this GUI, both SKXBee ID address has been set by X-CTU software or microcontroller.

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) Panel for this project has 3 different parts on the platform which is ComPort section, Flexibot_Direction_Control sectionand Flexibot_Rotate section. Now, open the GUI panel application (1st time open GUI application, user should install the GUI setup.exe first) and the GUI window will shown as figure below:

After that, we should select the COM Port and click the “Connect” button. The ComPort has connected with SKXBee1 and we can click any button from section from Flexibot_Direction_Control or Flexibot_Rotate to control the Flexibot action.

For example, whe we click the “Backward” button, the command will be send from SKXBee1 to SKXBee 2 (on Flexibot). The Flexibot will moving to backward direction with continuosly and the LCD on Flexibot will shown as figure below:

Now, you can notice the GUI panel receive message text box. It will display the message which is a feedback transmitted by Flexibot SKXBee Pro2 to SKXbee Pro1 as figure below:

The “RESET” button use to restart whole control system but the COM PORT section will not disconnect except user press “Cancel ” button.

Demo Video:



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