Late New Products Post :)

Yup, again I am late to post the news on New Products. Sorry been busy working on magazine and design work 🙂

Last month I talked about more Arduino main board and shields, this month there are many more product on rack. Let’s have fun!


Replacement for MD10B. Yup, the MD10B has been discountinued. We replace it with MD10C. Support upto 10A continuous current and 15A peak (10 seconds). Control method can be sign-magnitude PWM or single pin locked-antiphase. Look at the stress test we performed in lab. 10A continously for more than 1 hour without problem.


Moving towards 16-bit microcontroller? You should use this to start, the SKds40A. Ready with the necessary component for 40-pin dsPIC30F to operate. Downloading program using UIC00A or UIC00B.

This is a bit late, but we do carry 32-bit ARM controller. The famous mBed. Very compact yet powerful development kit. Come with the mBed board and a USB mini cable and that is all you need to start because the power can be obtained from USB connection and downloading code is like copying file into pen drive. Free web-based C/C++ programming environment, tanks of library from Ethernet, USB OTG, Serial Com……


Wanted to expand SOIC SSOP package of IC? This SOIC/SSOP to DIP Adapter should be able to help you.

Or maybe you want to use higher pin of PIC microcontroller such as PIC18F8720 or 8722? It come is 80-pin TQFP package; This 64/80 Pin TQFP to DIP Adapter might help you. Yet, soldering skill is needed 🙂

Wanted to have a analog joystick for your controller board or navigation panel? This PS2 type analog joystick is very good option. 2 axis of analog signal and 1 push button as digital switch. We actually use it in one of DIY project, the PR26 – USB Game Controller. We are working on the breakout board. Stay tune!

Wanted to do a simple door lock for your kid to enter kitchen? This magnetic lock might serve you well. Very simple to use, apply 12V and the magnetic will be activated and try to pull the iron plate. Want to release the door? Cut off the 12V supply. We have a few examples of using this in DIY Project, PR9-B (Password Door Security) and PR25 (RFID Door Lock).

RFID has been a popular device for security and attendance system. Simply swap a passive RFID tag or passive RFID keychain on top of this Weigand RFID reader , you will get the unique ID transmitted out via Weigand26 format. Do refer to PR25 for the interface and Weigand26 protocol.

This is Capacitive Proximity Sensor. Uses capacitance to sense non metalic item such as plastic, glass wood and paper. Some applications use this sensor to detect liquid. Operate from 12V to 24V and you can get NPN or PNP output. We carry 2 types of this sensor which offer detection distance of 1mm-16mm and2mm-30mm.

4mm Rectangular Inductive Sensor

Not to forgot the Inductive Proximity sensor. This sensor is suitable to detect metalic object. We offers many different types of inductive proximity sensor, please broswe through the page for details.

Many robot competitions (ROBOGamez, MURoC, ROBOCON, etc) require remote control of robot. PS2 is one of the option to offer remote control. With 4 axis of analog inputs, >14 digital inputs, it is more than enough for operator to control robot in competition. The extension cable offer the plug and use feature to extend the length of cable. It is compatible for wired PS2 and wireless PS2.

If your kid like to play robot, you can get this 3 in 1 solar power DIY robot kit. While they are having fun, they learn the concept of solar power. You can get tank, robot and scorpion from this kit. Currently it is out of stock, we are trying our best to restock it. Stay tune!


Tire of using Spur gear DC motor? This planetary gear DC motor might be helpful. Come with different gear ratio to offer different torque and speed, you can also obtain the feedback through encoder.

Many have asked about Arduino UNO. Here you are, the board is on our product rack. Basically it is the same board as Arduino Duemilanove, but it replace the onboard USB to UART chip with a USB enable microcontroller to offer USB connection.


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