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Express Wiring – Less Than 30 Seconds

Yes, everyone like to take express way. I learned the hard way 🙂 yet still like to take the faster method.

I would like to share about using the Jumper Wire for Pin Header. I just kind of fall in love with this jumper wire.


If you are following our blog, you will notice we did shared about this new product last few months. Well, this jumper wire has been very helpful to me during product development. I am sure some of you get it and use it, this sharing is just a small portion of possible usage 🙂

Let’s say you wanted to setup a UART connection between PC and SK40C. You get yourself an UC00A. Normally, you will need to create a cable of 3 to 4 ways to connect UC00A to SK40C and if you did the soldering, cutting, stripping before…. I am sure you know the pain I been through 🙂 The 2510 4 ways rainbow cable.


Well, with this jumper wire that comes with both ends terminated by female socket, work can be much more easier. I just grab 3 wires from a pack (come in 10 wires a pack) and connect one of the end to Rx, Tx and GND of UC00A as shown in figure.


It is nicely fit into 0.1″ header pin with quite a firm connection. Connecting 3 wires is less than 20 seconds 🙂 How about the other end? Connect to SK40C. You can either connect it to the header pin of SK40C at the bottom: Connect TX (UC00A) to RC7 (RX of PIC), RX (UC00A) to RC6 (Tx of PIC) and last but not least, the GND to any GND pin of PIC (pin 31).


Or, connect it to the 2510 connector at UART port on top, don’t forgot to cross connect the Tx and Rx inorder for UART to communicate.


Look at that, it takes another 15 seconds to do that, and the whole setup will look like this:


Now, you can connect the SK40C with UC00A to Computer/Laptop USB port for UART communication in less than 1 minutes of hardware setup. Hope you enjoy using it and if you have yet to get one, grab it while stock last. If you have any other simple, tidy and creative examples, you are more than welcome to send use photos or paste in our facebook wall.


I am now requesting our purchasing department to get me longer wire, and maybe wire that terminated with header pin at both end would be nice as we can directly connect it to breadboard (solderless board), right? Let’s wait and see 🙂

Updated on June2012: Now we do carry male to male jumper, male to female jumper and female to female jumper, check the link out if you need it.


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I like to use this jumper wire too! It saves me a lot of trouble…

I have those wires bought from Cytron too. They are nice to use. Thanks, Cytron. 🙂

I wished they have the male-female cables as well too.

Oh…me too! Currently I take out the pin from any male header and insert it to one of the female end of this cable. That makes it a male to female cable. Hehe..

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