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Yet, another Servo Controller

As most of you might notice, RC Servo has gain the popularity in Robotics. It has been widely use for humanoid robot, robotic arm, mobile robot and many more.

Controlling RC servo is a headache task because it requires accurate continuous pulses. The keyword here is accurate and continuous. It is quite challenging to develop program to offer these pulses.

We do have SC16A which offer control of 16 RC servo independently.

But you might asked, what if I don’t need 16 channels of servo control, I just need 5 or 6? Now you have option, we are in the process of offering 8 channels servo controller. Currently we are testing the software and verifying the hardware design.

Come in small package, only take 4.5cm x 4.8cm space. That’s pretty small 🙂

Removed the USB to UART converter to lower down the cost, yet you are still able to connect this controller to computer through UC00A for GUI control. We will still offer you a sample GUI, still in development. Power connector has been changed to screw type terminal block, offering higher flexibility to mount any type of cable. Besides the Reset button, we add in an extra test button, when the test is pressed, the pulses generated will actually drive servos to the middle position, at least you know the servo controller and your servo is working.

Again, this servo controller can be paired up to control up to 16 channels of servo. The resolution is 0.5us and the range pulse width range is from 0.5ms to 2.5ms. Hope you like it.


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what is the price ?


GUI for SC08A still in development ? i really need it …

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