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New Products Jan 2011

It has been sometime since we talk about new products. Yes, we have been busy designing new product 🙂

There are a few new products that you might be interested in.


We have been searching for this jumper wire quite some time and finally we get it. This is exclusively special jumper wire which terminated with female header socket, suitable to connect to 0.1″ pitch to pitch header pin. This is very useful jumper wire, it comes in 10 pcs pack and 20cm each. Hope you like it, we are searching for header pin terminated type. Might be able to get it by next 2 months.

Next in the list is recommended by one of our technical forum member. Using this DC barrel jack, it is easy to connect battery to SK40C, SK18B, MC40A, and most of DIY project. Simply screw the battery wire to the terminal, do mind the polarity.

3rd in the list is Arduino LCD Keypad Shield. Compatible with the arduino Duemilanove and the Uno too. Come with 6 push buttons and 2×16 character LCD, blue backlight, plug in and use it for User Interface, nice!


Yes, you might be familiar with SK40C, now we have a combo set which come with PIC16F877A (Combo 1) or PIC18F4550 (Combo 2), lower price, you will like it 🙂

Many use MC40A for mobile robot, we decided to package it with the LSS05 and 2×8 LCD. Check it out, save your time navigating to search for the right parts.

Coming in last month is the new PIC training kit, PTK40A. With new features, new casing, you will like it! Previous blog about this training kit is located here.

Last in the list is not for sales, but specially reserve for Cytron members. Besides the PCB calendar rewards redeem, we also offer Cytron pen drive, 2GB is out of stock, only left 4GB pen drive, grab it while stock last 🙂


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