New Starter Kit?

Does the photo look familiar? Like SK40C?

No, this is not SK40C, it is new Starter Kit for dsPIC30F. dsPIC30F is 16-bit wide CPU microcontroller from Microchip. We named this new Starter Kit as SKds40A. It is now in 1st protoyping stage where tests and verification of design is being carried out.

What are the features? We have taken most of SK40C features into the design.

  1. 7 to 12V DC input, using the same DC socket. So the adapter that you use for SK40C is compatible with it.
  2. On board 5V regulator, 1A maximum output.
  3. On board input voltage polarity protection.
  4. Support 40-pin dsPIC30F. Why dsPIC30F only? Because only dsPIC30F have 40pin PDIP package and can support 5V 🙂 And if you are familiar with dsPIC30F, you will notice there are only 4 model that fit in this specification (40-pin PDIP and 5V operated), which is dsPIC30F4011/3011/3014/4013. This board support all these four models.
  5. Same side toggle switch for power activation.
  6. Programming port for UIC00A/B.
  7. Since the programming pin is different between 3014/4013 and 3011/4011, there is a switch for you to change the pin configuration when you want to load program to diffent model.
  8. 2 programmable LEDs connected to common port as program indicator.
  9. Pad ready for 2×16 parallel LCD, just like SK40C.
  10. Pin label for 4 models of dsPIC stated.
  11. UART port for easy of connection to UC00A, and we even have selector for UART1, UART2 and UART1A (alternative). As you might have known, the dsPIC30F have 3 set of UART hardware pin. To preserve the flexibility, this UART connector for UC00A can be easily configure to these 3 set of hardware UART pin using jumper 🙂
  12. Changable external Crystal.
  13. 1 Reset button and 2 programmable momentary push buttons.
  14. LCD contrast adjustment VR, finger adjustable 🙂
  15. LCD backlight jumper.

We are going to launch this soon, schedule to be ready by mid of February.

Besides tests being carry out, we are also preparing sample source code for dsPIC30F4011 and dsPIC30F4013. It includes LEDs blinking, checking switches, displaying message on LCD and UART. There are still some minor modification to be made, so stay tune and hope you like it.


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