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This is not merely a calendar. Look closer…

If you happen to visit our website recently, you will know that we are giving out calendar year 2011 which printed on a PCB as redemption gift!

Isn’t it pretty? At first glimpse, this calendar looks complicated and you might see stars circling your head. Thanks to the dense circuit routing on the board. Yet, I believe our customers will still love it, right?

I’m sure you must be wondering if the circuit on the PCB is working? What is the function then, if the circuit does work? Then what type of IC should be soldered on the 132-pins IC’s footprint which is at the center? The answer is both Yes and No.

No – for the circuit at the center of PCB or should i call the  SMD (surface mount device) circuit. This circuit is fake! Those routes are there so that this PCB looks like a PCB.

Yes – for TH (through hole) components circuit or the circuit around the PCB edges. If you look at the back of the PCB, there is a Components List for LED Chaser circuit.

calendar 008

Yupe, it is the 10 LEDs Chaser on the circuit. This circuit shows the sequentially flashing line of LEDs. The components that you need are as listed. Well, you need to get yourself the components since they do not come together with the PCB calendar.

After you have soldered all the components, you  need a DC Adapter/power supply to power up the circuit. The input voltage  is rated from 5V-12V. On top of that, the preset on the upper left corner enable you to adjust the chase rate.

Below shows a really short video to demonstrate the LEDs chaser.


Hurry up and get yours today as we only have limited quantities up for grab. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, do purchase the components as listed to personalized your PCB calendar.

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wow, I wan this but too bad I have not enough point…any alternative ways to get it?

creative works… 🙂

Dude, this is awesome, is there any way i can get this…i’ve been a loyal subscriber to cytron…please i really want this goods..

redeem it with your point as what i have did.. 😀

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