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Weather Proof Ultrasonic – WRA1

We are now stocking this powerful, big ultrasonic – XL-WRA1, named: Small Industrial Ultrasonic Sensor.

This is quite a big ultrasonic sensor. What special about this sensor compared to our existing LV-EZ1?

1. Size: WRA1 = 44mm x 70mm x 44mm, EZ1 = 20mm x 22mm x 16.5mm

2. Sensing Range: WRA1 = 0cm to 765cm, EZ1 = 0cm to 645cm

3. Output: WRA1 = Analog + Analog envelop + RS232, EZ1 = Analog + PWM + RS232

4. Operating voltage: WRA1 = 3.3 to 5V, EZ1 = 5V

5. Resolution: WRA1 = 1cm, EZ1 = 1 inch

Despite the above advantage, WRA1 meet IP67 standard, basically is rain proof :), it also offer real time auto calibration, 10Hz reading speed, precise narrow beam and many more. For details info, please download the datasheet.


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how much? When is it available?

You can click on the image above to get to the product page.

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