New Training Kit Coming!

Yup, last year we launched TB40A, which aim for our PIC Microcontroller Hands-on Workshop. This year we improve the training kit, it becomes PTK40A, PIC Training Kit 40-pin.


  1. On board USB PIC ICSP Programmer
  2. 40-pin ZIF (Zero Insert Force) socket for ease of changing PIC
  3. Support 40-pin PIC16F and PIC18F
  4. Come with PIC16F877A
  5. Changeable Crystal
  6. 2 digit of 7-segment
  7. 2×16 Parallel LCD
  8. 4×4 Keypad
  9. DS1307 as I2C communication example
  10. External EEPROM for SPI communication
  11. 32.768KHz Crystal as Real Time Clock interrupt
  12. Connector ready for UC00A, UART communication to PC’s USB
  13. Connector reader for Cytron’s SKPS, SKKCA, SKXBee
  14. Standard RC Servo, C17S
  15. Stepper motor which can be driven with unipolar or bipolar method
  16. Relay to control external device such as magnetic lock
  17. SPG10 DC motor with rotary encoder feedback
  18. Output pin is connected to LED as indicator
  19. ADC input which offers reading of on board variable resistor, external analog sensor and temperature sensor, LM35
  20. Buzzer for sound indication
  21. External digital input connector
  22. 1 reset button
  23. 3 programmable push button
  24. All pin of PIC is extended out on turn pin for experiment purpose
  25. USB port for USB development (PIC18F with USB peripheral is needed)
  26. Single power supply for all on board experiments, including DC brush motor and stepper motor
  27. Suitable for laboratory experiment works

The selling price is yet to be decided, it is the sales team call 🙂

Anyway, let’s take a look on the design.

The PIC microcontroller. Since PIC16F and PIC18F is pin to pin compatible (for 40-pin), this board utilize this features and uses a ZIF socket for PIC placement. To name a few famous model, PIC16F877A, PIC16F887, PIC18F4520, PIC18F4580, PIC18F4550, etc. The Crystal is also changeble, therefore it is flexible not only in choosing PIC model, you can also change the crystal speed to suit the experiment.

PIC Training Kit
PIC Training Kit

If you notice, there is also a small crystal lying on the PCB surface, that’s 32.768KHz crystal. It is useful for timer interrupt for real time clock generation.

2×16 parallel LCD offers a good message display output, it can display any character you need such as instruction, number, value and even special symbol. With 2 digits of 7-segment display, user will learn the simple and complex method to display number.

Any input available? I think Keypad might be good to learn digital input that require multiplexing. PTK40A comes with 4×4 keypad which offers 16 key press input, from 0 to 9, A to D, * and #, very useful for security project such as door lock that require user to key in password.

OK, what else interest you? Maybe the DC motor with rotary encoder feedback? Yup, here come another creative design. Using SPG10 + Bracket + Rotary encoder plate + Infrared sensor, you get a nice DC motor with feedback!

Analog input is another great peripheral to learn as many sensor offer analog reading. PTK40A come with a analog input but with 3 choices of source. You can select the analog source from either external analog sensor (accelerometer, Gyro, Distance sensor, range finder, etc, these sensor are not included), on board variable resistor and LM35 temperature sensor; a jumper provide mechanism to select the source.

OK, I think that’s all for now 🙂 Hope you like the sharing of new born PIC training kit. Should be able to launch it end of Dec this year. A lot more to do, sample source code, User’s Manual, Handout for experiments, etc. This board is targeting Cytron PIC Microcontroller Workshop.

BTW, we have launched it at PTK40A Training Kit, you can order online, we ship worldwide.


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