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Long Range or Accurate Distance Sensor?

You might have know about the SHARP infrared distance sensor, GP2Y0A21

Offer a good solution for obstacle detection and even distance measurement.


  • 4.5V to 5.5V operating voltage
  • Detectable distance: 10cm to 80cm
  • Output voltage change over distance detected (2.45V – 0.45V)

* If you get it from Cytron, we sell it with the connector & wire, we know is a pain to connect this sensor without proper connector and wire.

Anyway, do check the datasheet for the pin out, the wire’s color does not show the correct pin output.

What if you need longer range, or more accurate distance sensor?

Actually, SHARP do provide wide range of infrared distance sensor:

Yes, too many types! We do not carry all, we added 2 new members 🙂

1. GP2D120XJ00F

With similar features as GP2Y0A21, but shorter distance measurement, from 4cm to 30cm, and provide more accurate distance measurement. Suitable for maze robot such as micromouse or firefighting robot.

2. GP2Y0A02YK0F

Again, similar features, same operating voltage, but the sensing range is from 20cm to 150cm, that is more than 1 meter! Super far, would you agree?

All above three model of sensor comes with connector and wire to ease user interface. Have fun using it! And if you need a bracket for mounting, don forget to order one.


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