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After Crazy Sales is Crazy Packing!

Is done, Cytron 6th Anniversary Crazy Sales! Every one love it, we love it. Just our sales department are still crazy packing the orders 🙂 Yes, they are still packing! Let’s take a look!

This is on Saturday(30 Oct 2010), the day right after crazy sales.



They are still packing and this is today (8 Nov 2010) 🙂


Just try to image this, I actually asked for photo of packing few days ago to update this blog. I have no luck and I am being ignored :(, too busy to capture photo. OK, asked again, and I get it today, but most of the photos are blur…. why? The answer is “I cannot stop my hand from shaking, result from the CRAZY packing”.

So for those that yet to receive your orders, please email sales@cytron.com.my. When we shipped out, the status will turn to “closed” and the parcel tracking number will be email to you. You can track it through the courier website.

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