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Line Following Robot?

No, today I am not going to talk about doing line following robot, just want to highlight one of the important component – Line Sensor.

There are many methods to sense line, the most common method is to use IR (Infrared) Receiver and Transmitter. The concept is to emit Infrared and detect the reflection of it. White surface will reflect more infrared compared to black surface. If we are able to read the differences between the infrared relected on white surface and black surface, the controller can “see” the line.

What is normally being used as sensor? You can use the normal IR emitter/transmitter and IR transistor/receiver

IR transistor/receiver

IR Emitter/Transmitter

You can actually refer to PR4 for the concept of line sensing or even obstacle sensing.

You can download the Details Description. The concept is being explained in the details description.

With the common circuitry which you can refer from PR4, you need voltage comparator to set the threshold for white and black surface. Normally LM324 is being used. Those that use IR set before will know the hussle to tune/set the threshold for each sensor pair.

Now with the new LSS05, you don’t need to tune/set the threshold. power it, press a button and swing it through the line you want to detect, within 3 to 5 seconds, it will automatically detect and set the threshold. Simple yet reliable. 5 digital outputs ūüôā

This sensor is on our product rack, you are welcome to downlaod the User’s Manual here. Estimated, you can purchase this sensor by end of Oct 2010. Many have been asking for it. We are working day and night to push the production and testing to ensure you get a quality product.

Here is an example of using it. Did I mention that it can also be Dark On and Light On, with just the push button.


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