Wohoo! Stock Clearance :)

Our sales department decided to open a new category under product tree, the Stock Clearance. Many product has been discounted upto 50%, or even more!

Some of the attractive items are:

SK18A, original price RM35.00, now at RM15.00 only

SK18A 050

Didn’t notice the JR digital Servo also in this list. Here you go, the JR Robot Servo, offer very good performance of 17kgcm torque. It is being use to buildMalaysia 1st Humanoid Robot, the collaboration between UTM and Cytron. Original price RM350.00 each, now at RM250.00 only

POB-Bot Lite, the embedded vision mobile robot, come with LPC (ARM proccessor), orginal price RM3,500.00, now at RM1,750.00 only


Pololu Orangutan USB Programmer, suitable for loading program to Atmel AVR microcontroller, original price RM150.00, now at RM90.00 only


Oh…. the famous MD10B, Enhanced 10 Amp motor driver also in the list. Original price RM70.00, now at RM35.00 only!


OK, I like these 2 products. 1st the Pololu 3pi mobile robot, you should have seen how this robot follow line and solve maze! Is amazing. Original price RM500.00, now at RM330.00 only


And for pololu 3pi mobile robot combo set (come with accs), original price at RM600.00, now at RM390.00 only


Here you go, 3pi doing line following and solving maze

To be frank, I don’t know when will these items be finished off, or taken away from “Stock Clearance” list……. Hope you grab it when it is available. Hope you like it 🙂


1 thought on “Wohoo! Stock Clearance :)”

  1. Thanks for letting me know, I grab the USB programmer for Atmel and the JR digital servo, hopefully can get it soon!

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