A Trip to Sarawak!

Sarawak, The Land of Hornbills. Never visit Sarawak before in my life, this is my 1st visit!

Because of IKM (Institut Kemahiran MARA) Kuching requested training, I have the chance to visit Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. Both my colleague and I went to our old friend place for the 1st night. Thanks to his parent hospitality, we have a great time there. The continuous night we stay at Tune Hotel! Quite a nice place!

We went to famous places and taken delicious food. Personally I like the “Sarawak Laksa”


Seem to be delicious, right? It is delicious, still missing it after coming back!

The most unforgettable place is crocodile farm! Looking through thousands of crocodile….. Really excited and scary!


Look at how they “Stunt”, amazing! Would you agree?

Opps! Don forgot the new DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) and the Cat Statute……




The Cats’ statute

OK, enough of the site visit, let’s go to IKM Kuching!


IKM ordered 10 pieces of TB40A with the accessories, also requested for training. There is it, the TB40A.

We have training since morning, going through the board layout, how to power up, how to install and use MPLAB IDE, HI-TECH C Compiler, ADC, Keypad, digital input/output, LCD, relay……etc!


That’s all! We hope IKM Kuching will start using the board for laboratory and teaching material.

IKM Kuching also wrote a blog regarding this training….. here

Anyway, I am back to Peninsular….. miss the laksa! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Trip to Sarawak!”

  1. Oh…… is that a real crocodile? I din know they can jump so high! Like the magazine photo, nicely captured.

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