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Connecting Your Circuitry to Different Programmer with UIC-A


Example of ICSP using UIC00B

Nowadays, ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programmer) is starting to gain popularity and Cytron also encourage users to use ICSP instead of using universal programmer (where user needs to unplug the microcontroller) or bootloader. To use ICSP, you need to prepare a connector socket on your development board. The socket type depends on your programmer. For Cytron’s Programmer, the socket that you need is 10 Ways IDC Box Header. On the other hands, Microchip’s ICSP standard is different from us. For example, the ICSP socket on the development board for PICkit2 programmer is 6 ways male header while for ICD2, the socket is RJ11. These two types of programmer/In Circuit Debugger are most popular and many PIC Development Board uses these two standard.


Example of ICSP from Microchip

Thus, Cytron has come out with a new small gadget which is called ICSP Universal Adapter (UIC-A) to cater for user that uses Cytron’s Programmer but their PIC development board are using Microchip’s ICSP standards and vice versa where they are using Microchip’s Programmer or ICD to program a development board that uses 10 Ways IDC Box Header. Obviously UIC-A is only for PIC microcontroller Programmer since most of our products are using such microcontroller.



Below are two examples using the UIC-A:
A development board which uses PICkit2’s socket standard, which is 6 way header pins can be programmed with UIC000B by using the UIC-A!


Likewise, a development board which uses 10 Ways IDC Box Header can be programmed with ICD2 by using the UIC-A!


UIC-A is a connector which eases user and serves as a platform in synchronizing various connections for ICSP of  PIC.


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