New DIY Project is coming!

PR28 is going to be launched soon! PR28 applies the concept of mTouch which is a new technology from Microchip. Getting confused of the term ‘mTouch’? mTouch is basically a capacitive touch sensor which only consists of copper pad.  It can be seen everywhere nowadays such as laptop trackpads and MP3 players. Mechanical buttons are outdated and not fancy looking. On the contrary, capacitive sensor has higher flexibility and can be in any shapes you like. Let me introduce  PR28 briefly.

PR 28 : Tic-Tac-Toe with mTouch

Bored of playing Tic-Tac-Toe on paper?  Want to be environmentally friendly? Use mTouch!! With just a simple touch on PCB, you can start to play your game. How? Human body got capacitance and so does the copper pad. Thus, finger press on the copper pad will result in a change of capacitance. This PR uses CSM (Capacitive Sensing Module) to sense the frequency change of oscillator when a finger touches the copper pad.

RGB LEDs are used to indicate which copper pad has been pressed by player. The RGB LEDs will automatically change color based on the player’s turn. This game will only halt whenever there is a winner or the game leads to a draw. Piezo is also used to play melody. Want to know more about PR28? Stay tuned with Cytron. All documentation will be provided at Cytron website when this PR28 is launched. Have fun!!


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3 thoughts on “New DIY Project is coming!

  1. This capacitive touch will replace the conventional mechanical button sooner or later as it can reduce the cost.

  2. hi….
    i have done the programming for pic16f1939 and i have done it using the general purpose board n if i touch the wires of the particular sensing button it is sensing.if i do it on the pcb n if i touch the track whether it will sense is it……i have the doubt so pls clarify

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