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Product Update (Jun10)

It seems that we seldom update our product, is never too late to start. 

We have received some of customer feedback saying that Lipo battery is easily spoilt and start to “grow fat” after some usage. Actually we are using Lipo for most of our product testing and development as it is very powerful. Still we seldom have problem with it. One of the major root causes for Lipo failure is over discharge. Once it is discharge under certain voltage, recharging it will cause the “growing fat” symptom. This Lipo monitor is very useful to alarm user the voltage level of Lipo bat. To prolong your Lipo life, get it here.

ir-sensor-set-with-socket-3201-222x296This is amazingly easy to use IR set. Come complete with IR emitter and receiver, mounted side by side with a rectangular socket to minimize the interference from surrounding environment. Please refer to its data sheet for operation and usage. Details……

analog-distance-sensor-bracket-3169-222x296Talking about sensor, do you know that Cytron do carry mounting bracket for some of the sensor? The one shown above is bracket for Sharp Infrared distance sensor, GP2Y0A21. We do also carry bracket for Maxbotix Ultrasonic range finder. Besides, there are also bracket for DC motor, rotary encoder, etc. Perfect for nice and rigid mounting of IR sensor on your project.


Need to sense current usage in your project? Here you go, the breakout board for hall effect based linear ACS172 current sensor. It provides precise current sensing for both AC and DC line. Max current is 5A. Details……

OK, I hope you like the product update; we will keep up the updating work from time to time. Watch out for it!


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Like that LiPo monitor. It’s very worthy – RM25 can save hundreds to thousands ringgit of LiPo batteries.

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