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Glimpse into the Packaging Process

There is an order of 90 pieces of SK40C (PIC Starter Kit) from one of the University which need to deliver by today. Since the SK40C is just out of stock, our production team has been working hard to test and package the SK40Cs today. Our AE needs to perform testing on these SK40Cs to make sure there is no problem. Most of the problems are mainly cause by the faulty PCB. But don’t worry, our AE will troubleshoot every single defective SK40C and test again before send for packaging. Thanks to them!  Let’s take a look on the way we packaging the product.

Part of the tested SK40C

The boxes for SK40C are prepared for packing the SK40C

The sponges will bundle the SK40C in the packaging boxes to protect the Sk40C from being scratched and damage.

Our AEs are helping operator to package the SK40C

SK40C is packed inside the box with the accessories

Finally, the packaging of SK40C are done after labeling! Great work, team!


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wa…good business hor…kampateh!

good.. good..

my picture was there but fortunately doesn’t see my face…by the way it’s awesome…great work….!!!…yeahhhhh!!!!

90 set? That’s a lot….. ganbate! I like to use SK40C too, it is cheap and flexible enough! Using PIC16 or 18 is not an issue on this board. Great solution!

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