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PCB Name Card Holder

Have you ever seen a PCB Name Card holder? I have never too! Anyway today it surprise me to see my colleuage have a special name card holder on his desk! This is very creative and I need to share it!


Youn is our domestic sales manager and based at our JB HQ. Did you see name card holder? No? Em, you cannot see because angle problem… Anyway did you see that is being PCB? Yes, it is a PCB board. It is our IFC-BH02 board.


How about from this angle? From here you should be able to see that it is a name card holder. He actually use our development PCBs (during development) which have defects such as wrong component size, wrong polarity, pad size, etc, to create this name card holder….. very creative! I love it!

Can I have one? No….. because we do not have much defect PCB as we keep our development cost to minimum. A PCB prototype cost a lot, so we need to be very careful when we send PCB for fabrication.


Anyway I manage to grab a few defect PCBs 😉

And here you go, my version of PCB usage beside building robots and project, I build a pencil box with my solar power Ultra-man!


No bad right? Anyone like it?

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