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Wheel, where are you?

Looking for suitable wheel to build your robot? You should look at Cytron product range for wheel, we carry several types of wheel, I believe one of it should suit you!

Cytron now carry a low cost tiny wheel for micro metal gearmotor

2395-222x296Internet price is only RM8.00, where else can you get this great wheel?

WL-SPG-80-222x296If you are looking for wheel for RC servo motor, here you go! This servo wheel fit perfectly onto C40 RC servo.

Or you need a special wheel such omniwheel and transwheel, we also have the solution:

omniwheel-1-5-inches-118-280x373An Omniwheel

omniwheel-3-15-inches-117-222x296Another type of Omniwheel

4-inches-transwheel-3184-222x296A Transwheel


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