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New DC Brushless Motor Driver

Cytron Technologies has just launched the new driver for DC Brushless Motor, the BLD04A

Description: BLD04A is designed to drive the Linix 10W and 30W brushless dc (BLDC) motor. It offers several enhancements over the original Linix BLDC motor driver such as closed loop speed control, UART interface and better protection for both the motor as well as the driver. Besides that, the interface of BLD04A is compatible with the original Linix BLDC motor driver and this makes the upgrading for existing users an effortless process.


• Powered by high performance dsPIC Digital Signal Controller.
• Operating at DC +24V ±15%.
• Support up to 4A per phase.
• 4-Quadrant control.
• 5V logic level input for Start/Stop, Run/Brake, Direction and Alarm Reset.
• Support analog voltage (0 – 5V) or PWM signal for speed control.
• Support UART interface.
• Selectable open loop or closed loop speed control.
• Current limiter.
• 12 pulses per revolution encoder output.
• Alarm indicator for overvoltage, undervoltage, out-of-phase and overload alarm.
• Comes with casing for better durability and easier mounting.
• Support the following Linix BLDC motor:

10 Watt:

  • 45ZWN10-5G
  • 45ZWN10-15G
  • 45ZWN10-30G

30 Watt:

  • 45ZWN30-10G
  • 45ZWN30-20G

What is so special about this driver? Well, it has feedback control, so when your robot go up hill, it will try to maintain the speed; same apply for going down hill. Having similar pin with Vexta motor, it is fully compatible for IFC-BL02 and AR40B. Of course it can also be intefaced with your own board. The User’s Manual do show this in details, please refer to User’s Manual before you do anything.

BLD 004

It can also be interface with microcontroller through UART, here is the setup (of course, it is also being ilustrated in User’s Manual in detail). The figure shows interface between BLD04A with SK40C through UART. Sample source code is also provided.

BLD 122

Another great feature, it can be controlled from computer through UC00A, a GUI is provided for user to have speed feedback.

BLD 094

You can control the speed, direction, brake, run, stop. What more can you ask?


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@KyleCarrington Thanks. the magnet covres are 304 stainless steel , the concept of the magnets spinning, I have seen this before the only problem I see is the speed and force of the? magnet flux lines passing the copper coils is what makes higher Amps and higher volts, it would be the same as running a PMG at a slower speed but I cant confirm that, because I have not performed any experiment to back that statement up, good luck let me know if it woks

– wow.. just wow. on both your art and her styling! such a great feeling from them. i feel like i actually went there by the time i was done looking. you amaze me!

Dang, Pups, I wonder what’s going on that you’re not feeling a lifetime’s worth of pride from having written and finished a book! Or is it having accomplished something so impressive without her here to see it that’s got you down? So sorry, love.Anyway, THIS mama is beaming for you!XX

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