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Exciting Paintball Competition at MURoC!

For those that missed MURoC at UniMAP, I am sure you missed the excitement. Why? Because it is very fun, exciting as you are controlling robot to play paint ball for you, you wouldn’t be hurt by your friend when they shoot your robot….. Woh! Creative way to play a dangerous game, right?

As we have shared about this event early in our blog here, many should have notice this exciting game. Though the competition day is fallen on new year, there are still many participants. There are team from UPM, UiTM, UIAM, UPSI, UTHM, Poli Shah Alam and of course not forgetting the host, UniMAP.

The chairman, En Ezral is nice enough to provide a booth for Cytron to distribute magazine and display our product. Thanks.

Because of the new year season, I was the only available person to attend the competition. Nevertheless, we manage to bring some bunting, PR23-Multifunction mobile robot, 3pi, some video and magazine.

The venue is located at “Dewan 2020”, is a big nice hall.

Inside the hall, it is being arranged with several booth, each team have their own booth to work around their robot.

I cannot fit all the booth in one picture, so I capture the floor plan

So now you have a better idea on how the hall is being organized. There are 3 game fields, 1 for fire fighting robot located left of stage, another game field for rope climbing robot at the right of the stage, while the paintball robot at outside of hall, right hand side.

Let’s see some robots, I would to talk about Fire-fighting robot first. The game field is divided into 2 sites, one for Red team and another for Blue team. Each team will have a maze with ping pong balls as victim and candle and fire. The mission is to collect as many ping pong balls as possible like saving lives, and putting out candle. Hope you get the idea.

That’s the game field, how about the robots? I manage to capture robot from few team, here is 1 of it:

This is firefighting robot from UiTM, using IR01A and Infrared distance sensor detect walls. Nice!

Now, let’s continue to Rope Climbing robot. The robot needs to climb up a 2 meters long rope from bottom, the robot that reach the top win. here is the game field.

Let’s take a look at the robot. Rope climbing robot from Politeknik Shah Alam, uses SPG30 and SPG20 to drive the mechanism.

The organizer is good enough to prepare another game field for test run. Here you go, UniMAP team is testing their Rope climbing robot.

Not to forget the Champion Rope Climbing robot from UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia) that uses C55 servo motor. It completes the climbing in only 13 seconds, and the record is consistent. Very good job UPM!

Personally, I like the paintball robot, why? You can really feel the excitement because you are the one that control the robot while the game run, you can shoot opponent robot, and you must also hide your robot from being shoot by opponent, isn’t that exciting? This is the game field. It is being surrounded by net to protect the audience.

Let’s take a look at the robots. From UiTM FKE (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), they are the 1st runner up:

The robots use IFC (Interface Free Controller) to operate. Both UiTM FKE and UPM used IFC as controller in their robots.

Another paintball robot, from the champion team, UPM.

UPM have won 2 championships which are paintball robot and rope climbing robot, following is UiTM which have won champion for Firefighting robot and 1st runner up for paintball robot.

During the day I distribute the magazine, there are some UniMAP diploma students come and visit Cytron booth. Though they are Computer Engineering, they are interested in robotics. Very good! Hope they will benefit from the magazine.

Well, that’s all for the MURoC. I think every one have a great fun there because of the hospitality of UniMAP organizing committee and seafood at Kuala Perlis:) I will talk more and share more photos with you in coming magazine, so watch out and stay tune! You can also view the news at MURoC site.

Finally, let me present the grand photo of big family!

Capturing photo with Timbalan Naib Canselor, Profesor Dr Sazali Yaacob.

Added video from UniMAP media team, very nicely edited!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kyNyn_1iDY [/youtube]


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Very nice games, but UniMAP at Perlis, is a bit far for me from Klang Valley. Still a very successful event. Ganbatte UniMAP and the rest!

got wrong information..
UPM not Ump..

hasimi s, sorry for the wrong info, corrected and thanks!

Hi Ober, feel free to browse our website to watch the video clip of MURoC 2010. Thanks for your support during the event. Thanks

Paint Ball Robot is the interesting game. Best game rather than computer game, well done UNIMAP organized that game. My junior friends joined for UiTM FKE.

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