USB from Scratch Workshop at UMP

It has been a very busy end of year. Besides the Christmas and New Year celebration, I have been busy for Robot. Head to Toe magazine publication, Workshop at Universiti Malaysia Pahang and MURoC at UniMAP. Let’s talk about the workshop at UMP first. I will talk about magazine and MURoC in coming article. Let’s see some photos during workshop. We went to Jabatan Kejuruteraan Pembuatan, is a big workshop area and there are several robotic arms, very impressive! According to staff of UMP, these robotic arms are contributed by Perodua, the production line for Kancil. You can read more at here.


OK, enough of the site views. Let’s come back to the USB workshop. This is workshop requested by UMP, thus only UMP staff is attending the workshop. UMP is a new Universiti, right beside highway near to Gambang exit, if you are coming from Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT).

Title: USB from Scratch

Course Code: COM 3390

Venue: Jabatan Kejuruteraan Pembuatan, UMP.

Date: 22nd to 23rd Dec 09

We are using USB development board from Microchip, it comes with CD for USB framework installation. Using PIC18F4550 in 44-pin TQFP package, this board support USB firmware and framework solution.


We talk about the history of USB, the specification including the speed, what is needed to be USB 2.0 Compliance, protocol of USB, USB transaction, USB transfer, the Enumeration process, and of course with lab exercises on how to use the solution provided by Microchip.


Here you are the laboratory we used for the workshop. Nicely equipped with desktop computer, just that the air conditional is working very well that I feel very cold:).


When we are having discussion about USB Transaction. There are basically 3 type of transaction: In, Out and Setup. They are the basic communication packages of USB protocol.


En. Fadhlur is trying to configure the COM port number by modifying the serial number under descriptor of CDC. During one of the exercise, we need to configure the HyperTerminal for COM communication. Setting the correct COM port, baudrate is critical to obtain the communication. Microchip USB solution do provide CDC (Communication Device Class) which normally the computer will see it as a COM port.


One of the lecturers is working hard to complete the lab exercise given.


I did also show En Nafrizuan how to use the USB bootloader. USB bootloader allow user to load new program to a USB PIC with the USB cable, without using any programmer. However, the PIC needed to have the USB bootloader firmware. For those wanted to try this feature, you can get yourself aSK40C+PIC18F4550, refer to the User’s Manual, download the bootloader firmware and have fun.


Finally the group photo. Soon UMP will be developing USB application using PIC, one of the application might be controlling a huge CNC machine from computer through USB. Very good to hear the motivation, keep it on!


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