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Now, We are on Robotshop!

Last month, we announced that Cytron will be on RobotShop soon. It is on now. You can now view our product at: http://www.robotshop.ca/cytron-technologies.html.


Here are some of the outlook of Cytron in RobotShop page:


RobotShop offers product by category such as robot parts, robot toys etc. You can also shop by manufacturer, where you can allocate “Cytron”, also our logo:


Here are some of the products listed in RobotShop product page, for the time being, there are 39 products which include IFC, USB Programmer, DIY kit, DC Brush motor, Motor driver etc. We are looking forward to provide good quality product and increase the product variety in future.



Thanks for the support from all, we will work hard to offer better product in Robotics.

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congrats to Cytron too. Malaysian made product on International site. Very good work!

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