PIC Microcontroller Seminar at KDU Penang

After 2 days workshop at USM, we continue our journey to KDU Penang, a well established private college. Is a short seminar which take around 3 hours. I have shorten my presentation. I hope the students get the idea on how to get started. Going through pictures is easier to imagine, so let’s go through some of the pictures taken during that day.


The lecturer hall was filled with students, I am not sure which academic year they are now, but I am sure they are from engineering course.


Most of student will not seat in the front row, except for lecturers. Yup, here you are, Dr Gil D. Barte (wearing red shirt) and Mr Gerald (wearing black shirt) giving pressure to me, ūüôā


Another lecturer is Mr. Khor (wearing grey shirt), why is that only lecturers sitting in front row?

So what did we talked about? I did a brief about PIC Microcontroller from Microchip, the PIC family from PIC10 to PIC32, the capabilities, how to get started, what should we take care when we wanted to start? Why some of project can work, some cannot? What is MPLAB IDE? what is programmer? and of course, a lot more.


We did bring some robots for demo, controlling PR23 with SONY PS2 controller(SKPS), line following, 3pi solving maze, our new USB DIY project-PR26. I did also share some video on Humanoid robot and student project from other Universities. Most of the video can be obtained from our youtube site here.


During the demo of PR26, the DIY USB game controller, we use flight simulator program. Very nice!

Finally, thanks to KDU lecturers for arranging the seminar, stundets to pay attention during the seminar and we sincerely hope that they gain information to get started with PIC microcontroller, and motivated to create more mechatronics and robotics projects. Good luck and hope to see your project next year!

You can also view post from KDU


5 thoughts on “PIC Microcontroller Seminar at KDU Penang”

  1. Hi, for the time being we do not have any plan to conduct PIC seminar again at Northern region. Anyway, you can always visit our website and homepage for news.

  2. Hello,

    I am doing my final project next year and I am interested in knowing more about PIC or other micro controllers.
    Are you planning to have another seminar for PIC anytime soon?
    Please reply to my email. Thank you.


  3. Hope more ppl will attend such workshops as it is really helpful, regardless of you’re an undergrad, postgrad or even hobbyist~!

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