Hooking CMUcam2 with IFC

CMUcam is a powerful embedded vision module, it enable embedded system such as microcontroller to have vision capability. There are several videos showing the capability of CMUcam. It is developed by Carnegie Mellon University in US and currently there are 3 version of CMUcam starting from CMUcam1, CMUcam2 and latest is CMUcam3. Let’s see what can this small tiny yet powerful camera could do.

Using XBee Module

XBee has gaining it popularity in robotics for wireless communication because of its easiness to use feature. Power it up and you can straight away transmit and receive wireless data transparently. But, you might have problem interface with it because the pin is not standard. You cannot simply buy XBee module and solder to your donut board, or even plug into your breadboard. Thus, Cytron provide a breakout board for user to extend the XBee module pins.