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Upgrading PS40B to Wireless SONY PS2 joystick?


Many users sent email to technical support asking whether PS40B support wireless PS2 joystick, the answer disappoint most of them. NO, PS40B cannot support wireless PS2 joystick. The interface and firmware is obsolete and we cannot do much about it because it is customized from our contractor and sorry to say, they do not support the upgrade anymore. Furthermore, you cannot change the actions from a button on PS2 joystick to what you want using the original firmware from PS40B.

However, don be fully disappointed because we have come out with another solution. You can actually integrate with SKPS to obtain more flexible design and control. You can customize the actions the way you like and it can support wireless PS2 joystick. it can also be applied in any robot game that required manual control (wired or wireless) such as Robogamez 2009.

So, let’s start the modification. 1st thing 1st, you need to have the material/component:

  1. A working PS40B or AR40B board.
  2. Wirless or Wired SONY PS2 joystick.
  3. SKPS
  4. 2510 4 way connecter (socket, header and iron pin)
  5. 4 ways rainbow cable, around 10 cm long

Now, modifications start from hardware. You will need to manually solder some wires on to AR40B/PS40B board. This will void the warranty, but it is worthy because you get a powerful and flexible PS40B. Nevertheless, be careful when working with soldering gun, don burn yourself. Solder the 4 ways 2510 header to prototyping area on AR40B/PS40B.


OK, now the connection from AR40B/PS40B to SKPS through this 4 way 2510 header. SKPS require minimum 4 connections which are Tx, Rx, Gnd and 5V. All these connection can be obtained from AR40B/PS40B.


Do ensure the orientation of 2510 header is correctly solder (same as photo show), else do not follow pin sequence. SKPS’s Tx need to be connected to PIC’s Rx pin (pin 26 or RC7) while SKPS’s Rx pin should be connected to PIC’s Tx pin (pin 25 or RC6). 5V and Gnd can be connected any place on AR40B/PS40B.

Next the rainbow cable that connect SKPS to AR40B/PS40B board. Here is the connection. The Tx and Rx line is being twisted (crossed) connected at one of cable end.


Do check the sequence of pin before you plug into AR40B/PS40B, major mistake will damage your PIC, SKPS if you power on. Anyway if you are sure it is correct, connect it and it should look something like this. Try to power the AR40B/PS40B with a battery or adapter. Single 12V source is good enough. The SKPS should power ON when the AR40B/PS40B is power ON. Super bright (Blue) LED on SKPS should blink because no SONY PS2 joystick is connected to the PS2 socket.


Now, you can download the sample source code here and refer to SKPS User’s Manual to develop the software. Combine with the source code you developed for AR40B, you get a new PS40B, Enhanced!

Finally it should look like this!


Good luck and do have fun!


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Very detailed description. I hope most users will gain benefit from this and try it out.

Yup, very good sharing. I don have PS40B nor AR40B, but I have SKPS and had been playing for quite sometime, very good and easy to use product!

helo,robosang,may i have ur email address?

Hello. What is less than the amount I appreciate that I buy. And what time to arrive in Baghdad. And method of payment. Thank you very much
Best regards……….Hussein ¬†ebrahim

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