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Using Sabertooth Motor Driver

Finally, today we received the Sabertooth motor driver. I manage to squenze some of my time to play around with it! Is Merdeka holiday, but I use it to test the new motor driver. And it is amazingly staright forward.

First, it come with a quick start quide, you can download it from here. It look exactly like in photo.


So what is the first thing we need to do? Of course, the power for it to operate. I decided to use Li-Po battery, but bare in mind, we cannot simply connect it. A proper cable and connector are needed. NEVER connect the battery or power wrongly, it will void the destroy the driver and also void the warranty. Therefore, I double check my connection before I plug in the battery. You should be able to do it too as the terminal is being clearly labeled. B+ for battery positive (Red) and B- for battery negative (black). Em… Not yet the time to power up, we need to choose operation modes. Going through the quick start guide, this driver can operate in 6 basic modes. Since I plan to use the RC transmitter….. I better change to RC mode:


The 3rd configuration is the one we need to set on the DIP switch on the driver.

After powering up, a status LED will like on!


Nonetheless, we also need to connect the RC receiver to this driver. Here is the connection. Hopefully, it is clear enough. I use 2 pairs of scrab RC servo motor cable, combine the red (power) and black (gnd) together, the signal is being connected to S1 and S2 of the driver. Of course, the black and red are being connected to 0V(Gnd) and 5V(positive) respectively. DO NOT connect wrongly as you will spoil the receiver.


I need to get the motor to test the functionality, I need high power because it can go to 25A each channel. Where can I get one? Oh…. I know starter motor for motorcycle…… I think we have some from the testing department, let me “borrow” from them.

Here you are, connected with 2 starter motors:


Nicely connected, I use the special connector, the Anderson connector, it is very good connector because it can deliver high ampere of current. And it provides polarizer socket preventing you from the wrong connection. Testing the whole system with the Remote Control is quite satisfy, easy and straight forward. The setup is being done in less than 2 hours including the soldering of cable, searching for motors, going through the data sheet.

Well, that’s my sharing today, hopefully, it helps to motivate!

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Nice to see HEATSINKS. A certain compay whose first letter is P thinks it is fine to run motor drivers as hot as a wok. Apart from the fact it scorches the PBCs, electronics always runs better when cool.

Too many articles are US-oriented and fail to take into account countries in the hotter parts of the world.

Where i can get this motor driver in malaysia ? I am having final year project this semester and i want to apply the sabertooth motor driver in my project.

Where i can get this motor driver in malaysia ? I am having final year project this semester

SAbertooth is obsoleted, we do not carry it anymore. Instead, you can check our new series of motor driver.

HI this Syed here can u tell pls
Where is sabertooth service center
My sabertooth board has to not working

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