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PIC Microcontroller Seminar at UPM Serdang – Done

We have completed the PIC Microcontroller Seminar at UPM Serdang last week. It has been quite a busy week for us because too many of workshop + seminar in 2 weeks time. Last 2 weeks we have conducted workshop at UTM Skudai and also our Penang office. I din manage to upload the updates as rush for the seminar on 15th Aug last week. Anyway, let’s take a look on some of the photos taken during the seminar. For the details about the date and time, please visit here .


We have quite a number of participants from KL region, most of them are UPM undergrade and master student. We talk about PIC Microcontroller for Robotics and Mechatronics project. In the seminar material, we included the installer for MPLAB IDE, C18 compiler (student version), HI-TECH C PRO (lite mode); presentation slide, videos, webminar for simulator and MPLAB IDE. I think most beneficial information would be the DIY project folder where include the sample source code for 23 DIY project, covering various types of possible development and projects. Ranging from:

LED Blinking, 7 Segment display, Using LCD, IR Sensor, Bluetooth Remote Controlled, Controlling Stepper Motor Using SD02B (Unipolar), RFID: Read and Display, Password Door Security, Controlling DC Brush Motor Using MD10B or MD30B, Temperature Control System Using LM35, Display Real Time Clock (RTC), Alarm System: Wireless Smoke Detector, Using Accelerometer, many more which include the Multifunction Mobile Robot.

We did bring on of the DIY project to show, the multifunction mobile robot. adding the SKPS + SONY PS2 Contoller, it become remote controlled mobile robot.


We also talk about how to start project using PIC Microcontroller, what is the cateria to choose PIC? There are hundreds type of PIC from Microchip. How to start using PIC, what is the basic circuit required? Finally we recommend SK40B, the start up kit for 40 pin PIC, which is compatible for PIC16 and PIC18.

During the lunch time, though is not KFC or McD, we did finished all the food!


Need to take care of the left over. Packed it and put it near to the rubbish bin.

At the end of seminar, many students come to ask about their projects and also how to use Cytron products. Is good to know that there are still many student outside that are interested in developing embedded stuff. Well, good luck to them! Work hard and play hard! If any of you like to share your project in our blog, just email us at support@cytron.com.my

See you!


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