PIC Microcontroller Workshop at CIAST, Shah Alam

We just did another PIC Microcontroller Hands-on Workshop at CIAST, Shah Alam on 1st to 3rd July 2009. CIAST (Center For Instructor & Advanced Skill Training) or in Bahasa Malaysia is “Pusat Latihan Pengajar & Kemahiran Lanjutan” is located in Shah Alam.  Showing is Cytron pen drive on one of the participant laptop:


Tiny little thing, is hard for us to imagine what is the capacity of pen drive, also the importance of it. We provide all the information needed in this tiny little pen drive. Catalog, source codes, MPLAB IDE installer, HI-TECH C PRO installer, handout, data sheet, videos and more is packed in it.

Workshop Details

Title: PIC Microcontroller Hands-on Workshop (Module 1)

Date: 1st – 3rd July 09

Venue: CIAST, Shah Alam

Participant: 10 persons.

Let’s take a look the training material provided before we discuss about the syllabus.


Picture show the material we included for participants. A TB40A board, a ring file with the handout, Cytron catalog, Robot Head to Toe Magazine, Pen drive with labs source code, presentation slide, and etc, do not forget the UIC00A too. The UIC00A act as USB programmer to download program into TB40A. Developing and test run the code is very simple.

Besides talking about PIC theoretical concept, architecture, programming language, we also have practical exercise during hands-on section. Of course, we also provide some fun section with the SONY PS2 controlled mobile robot. Not to forgot the sweet to keep you awake!


When we started the hands-on exercise, every one is paying attention on the task needed to complete. Well, I must say, C programming is not easy, but yet there is no problem to catch up. At the beginning, most of participant has compilation error; however, after some debugging, all seem to be getting smooth. Most of the error is “;” (semi colon) and “}” curly brace.


Talking about PWM in theoretical how can it control motor’s speed required a bit of imagination. I always like to show it using an oscilloscope. Here you go, some trainers is checking their program of generating PWM from PIC to control motor speed. Do you see the pulse on the screen of oscilloscope?


Participants are having discussion among themselves to solve the stepper motor assignments, very motivated team.


Finally, I forgot about the group photo as the time is limited. Anyway we did finish all the necessary lab exercises. Since all the training material is included, I hope they will continue the motivation to explore the training board and PIC. See you next time.

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