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Cytron in Sin Chew Daily – 星洲日报!

Yesterday is a surprise day for me! My colleague show me the Sin Chew Plus, and there is a small cartoon robot in the front page and a big title of “Locally Produced Robot” and a bold, pink color sentence “Made in Malaysia”. That attracted me to read the article. I realize that article is actually talking about Cytron Technologies. What a good day to continue my USB workshop at USM.

cytron in sinchew (1)

Flipping to the second page, I saw my colleagues standing in great posture, woh! Like the poster in Transformer 2!

cytron in sinchew (2)

Yup, they are being interviewed by the reporter from Sin Chew Daily last few weeks and since yesterday is the first day of Transformer 2 movie in Malaysia, I think they purposely publish the article about robot. Anyway is good to see our company in Sin Chew Daily! We bought few news paper yesterday 🙂

P/S: The photos are too small for reading, if anyone interested can goto http://tech.sinchew-i.com/sc/node/119781?tid=32 (but it only in mandarain) to read the news.

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Continue your good work! Hope you all will bring malaysia to new robot era.

“Hey,I read thorugh your company detail through SInChew Jit Poh. I was impressed by your guys courage .Wish you all the best.
If you do what other ppl are doing, you will get what everyone else is getting.
Dont give up. Life is only once. live for dream.make your dream come truth.”
From Jane

Wah! Cytron in newspaper already! Pity i don’t know mandarin, don’t understand what the article is all about. Can anyone please help to translate?

Congratulation!! Keep the motivation and spirit of Cytron. It is time to tell the world about Cytron.

Woh….. Sin Chew Daily also have Cytron? You are really famous! Keep it up though I don understand Mandarin, but definitely is something big and good! Ganbate!

cytron congratulations!

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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