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What would you get from Microchip RTC Workshop?

#This article has been “hidden” since we upgrade our blog to become tutorial site, now I “reactivated” it.

Of course the most important thing that you obtain is the knowledge that no one can take away from you. So besides those, what do you get from Microchip Regional Training Center course?

Firstly, it would be the certificate issues from Microchip. This certificate is controlled by serial number from Microchip. It even have hard printed logo from Microchip. Let’s see some photo of previous certificate issued. Signed by Vice Precident of Worldwide Applications Engineering, Microchip Technology Inc.


Despite the certificate from Microchip, what else do you get? A Microchip bag, depending on the stock available. We put all the workshop material inside the bag.


Development tools is loaned to participants, anyway we are offering discount for workshop participants. This is the material we prepared for Jan 09 workshop at USM. Using PIC18F with C Language, for more details, you may visit here. Handout is being printed for easy refering during lab exercises. All Workshop material such as lab, MPLAB installation, presentation slides, Lab handout, C18 installation (student version) are being stored in a Pen drive. Simple and compact, just plug and play, and of course it is reusable. Here is Cytron new pen drive.

Cytron Pen drive

So what else do you need? Sleep tie the night before workshop, bring a clear mind and bring back more than you expect. Hope you like the workshop and comments are more than welcome.

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How can I get “Cytron” Pendrive??

You need to attend one of our workshop, but this offer only valid while stock last…..

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