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What can you do with 4 RC servos?

Yes, it’s really hard to think of a robot with only 4 RC servos without any other actuator. The most common robot is wheel robot with only 2 360 degree rotate RC servos. But, actually you can notice that there is other examples of robot that build from 4 RC servos. One of them is Biped Walker. Thus, today i try to build this robot to test the performance. Another reason is recently we have come out with new product called IFC-RS08 which stand for RC Servo Card (8 Channel RC Servo Controller) and would like to build a application from this product. The construction are pretty easy if compare with other 6 RC Servo Biped. I use roughly 3-4 hours to successfully build and program this robot.

First of all you need to prepare the necessary hardware. After that, build the 2 legs first as shown at the photo below.

After that, build the upper part.

Then, connect both part and the hardware is done!

It’s time to build the circuit. I use IFC set to construct the biped circuit. What i use is IFC-PC00 (for Power Supply), IFC-MB00 (as main controller), IFC-CP00 (LCD Display) and IFC-RS08 (RC Servo Card). It’s realy fast and convenient to use IFC as it offers variety of controller card. What you need to do is stack the selected cards,  plug in the power, and then start programming!

OKay, now assembly the complete set of Biped.

To make it more attractive, i have add a pair of eye at LCD display. 🙂

That’s all! Looks cute right? You can start having fun with it.

Take a look on the video below:

What do you think about the performance of this biped? Well, what do you expect? After all it only build from 4 servo motors.


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Comments (12)

wah..so cute…i like the eyes and the way it walk!!if want to do a doraemon, need how many servo?hehe….

Yup, very nice! Especially the eyes, I like it!

Wah…never know 4 servos also can become a biped. Shame to those who use up to 20 servos 😛

20 servos can do 1 hand or 2 hand push up mah!

like a cartoon character….just forgot the name

Cool biped. I’ve also made one with 4 servo… looks like a chicken… video on this link… he he he

9w2bsr, that is great project. look very nice! Great work!

i like your robot..its cute..hehe…can i know about the balancing of this humanoid robot and i want you suggest the electronic parts suitably to be applied in making humanoid robot when i use 15 RC servo motor

Its cute…

I wonder how it perform on uneven surface, like walking up and down a stair…

do you install any sensors in order to balance it?? any clue how to program for this kind of mechanism?

It doesn’t has any sensors. which mean there is no feedback about the balance. It totally a simple robot. I just try an error in programming to make it walking smoothly.

maybe can make a competition for these type of biped robot, compete for the walking speed, maybe?

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