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Tips for lazy Engineer

How does a lazy guy solder SMD chip when he couldn’t find a suitable SMD to DIP adapter and lazy to fabricate one? Of course one fastest way is to purchase one online. But what if he don’t want to spend money to buy one?

1. It’s a 8-pin chip with 0.65mm pitch.

2. Find some component’s legs from trash bin.

3. Arrange the pins like this.

4. Use masking tape to prevent the pins from moving throughout the process.

5. Place the tiny 8-pin chip with one side of the legs on the pins.

6. Then, solder the items together carefully. Honestly, It’s quite troublesome to solder the chip to the pins. After soldered one side, do the same to the other side too. This is the result, a ‘spider’.

7. Solder 2 rows of header pin to a donut board to create the platform for the ‘spider’.

8. Lastly, solder the ‘spider’ onto the platform and that’s it! So, It’s time to continue prototyping…(^_^)

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Comments (9)

only one word–>wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good skill!

very smart

Believe and you will get it

I think you not lazy, and very cleaver to think of this smart way. Learn a lesson today. 😛

Floating Machine

Wah…..this requires a very careful work. Shaking hand like me definitely cannot do it 🙁

i already 85 years old…so cannot do it oso..shaking hand!

No medicine can cure laziness but stop drinking Kopi can cure hand shake~ !

wa lau eh… ini pun boleh 🙂

anyway, its better to solder the ic on the proper pcb that come with pad, say 1005, to prevent dry soldering & intermittent open circuit. moreover it need high soldering skill as not to overheat the ic when connecting the ‘spider leg’ .

frankly speaking, it looks a little bit fragile & the ic seem hanging on the air.

only my 2 cent

Haha…yeow liang, you are right. Your advice is most appreciated. This’s not the good practice. The proper way to do it is to get a SOIC to DIP adaptor. Thanks! 😉

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