ROBOCON Workshop at KKTM Balik Pulau, Penang

Another ROBOCON Workshop have been successfully conducted in KKTM (Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara) Balik Pulau, Penang. They are first timer in ROBOCON, so please welcome them!

The workshop started on 24th Feb 2009 (Tuesday), there are around 12 students and 10 lecturers involve in the workshop. After collecting all necessary component, material and peoples, the workshop begin at around 10am. The venue is located at Microcontroller lab in KKTM Balik Pulau.

History of ROBOCON sound to be a good topic to start the Workshop. Therefore, Ober shares ROBOCON history with participants. After the history we started to talk about autonomous robot and manual robot. Going deeper to element of robot which include controller, mechanism and more. This should be a good introduction to our participants.

While waiting for the preparation of connector and hardware for building robot, we enter the C language zone. I have to admit is a bit boring, but we try to keep the concentration by sharing the experience in ROBOCON! During the time we went to Thailand, Korea and China. It was great feeling to share.


OK, now the first project using IFC (Interface Free Controller). Of course, we will start with the steps to create project using MPLAB and C18 Compiler and load in to the IFC.


Before they started to use IFC, MPLAB and the C compiler; the participants were so confused. All the doubt has been cleared once they try to write a program and loaded into IFC. Look at the picture, there is some simple message on the LCD panel. All those is being written by them. Great start right?

Now, is time for a real robot. Mounting motors and tires to Robot base + IFC + Sensors + Batteries, they get a simple line following robot. Lecturers in KKTM are very good in technical skill including mechanical, electronics and software. And what amazed us is most of them did the workshop from the beginning until the end. They even did the programming themselve. The 2nd person standing from right is Mr. Kamil, their head of department which is Mechatronics department. He is very supportive to the team. He always seat at the front role and asks questions.


Take a look at another picture, their lecturer is actually tuning sensor after our demo on the method to calibrate sensor for line following.


Students gathered around to study the correct method and also to have group discussion.


After writing program for control panel, Digital input, brushless motor and PS2 Controller, we started to explore the possibility to integrate sensors and brushless motors for line following. The coming picture shows students is checking battery voltage before they start to try their program. The student skuating on the right is the leader of student. They have a good leader.


Most of the time is being used for discussion on line following algorithm, writing and improving program, debugging and creating functions. Here you go, another picture showing discussion during line following debug. The person standing at the left hand side is Mr. Yusri, one of the trainer in KKTM, very good in programming.


There are more to show which cover the discussion on mechanism, ROBOCON rules, reviewing of previous ROBOCON game, spirit that we should have, preparation needed and many more. We will share these information in the coming ROBOCON Workshop.

Is great experience that we gained during the ROBOCON Workshop in KKTM. The lecturers and students are happy and motivated to enter ROBOCON 2009 on 10th May at Stadium Melati, Shah Alam.



We hope KKTM have gained the knowledge and get prepared for ROBOCON. Welcome to big family of ROBOCON.

19 thoughts on “ROBOCON Workshop at KKTM Balik Pulau, Penang”

  1. Oh…. First timer? Cannot wait to see you guy there during ROBOCON 2009! Keep up the spirit!

  2. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  3. you sure can do it kktmbp…..
    never let your gut go down…..
    just go and win this may at ROBOCON…

  4. we are ready to get the tittle of The Winner Robocon 2009..
    Gud Luck EveryOne!!!!
    KKTM Balik Pulau BOle!!!
    Malaysia BoleH!!!!

  5. yo~yo~yo~

    KKTM sure can do it!!!

    Travel together to the victory drum!!

    Robocon 2009!!!

    Wait for us…….

    see u there in May…….

  6. Noorfadzli Abdul Razak

    Salam ,
    Remember me , Sir Fadzli (Ex-Technical engineer) KKTMBP .

    Good motivation and this might help u a lot in ROBOCON 2009.

    Do remember I also team manager for UiTM Shah Alam (previously UTeM3 for ROBOCON 2008) and now we are compete for this games.

    We meet there on May . See you and good luck.

  7. Our team in high motivation.Good workshop..thanks a lot…to Cytron..Please supportt us forever…hehe

  8. all right…………… thanks….. KKTM boleh……………… KKTM boleh…. KKTM bolehhhh……..

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